Summer of Mars Opens at Kennedy Space Center

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Summer of Mars Opens at Kennedy Space Center
Mars needs you!
Something exciting has launched at the Kennedy Space Center, and it’s all about the Red Planet…

This summer, the Kennedy Space Center is celebrating Mars with a brand new special event. Running until 4th September, guests will be able to learn everything there is to know about the Red Planet. That’s not all though, there will be special astronaut appearances, new attractions and an exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Mars Rover concept vehicle in person!

NASA’s goal is to be able to send humans to Mars from the Kennedy Space Center by the 2030s. The Summer of Mars event is all about the missions leading up to this huge goal, and sharing the plan for the upcoming years with guests. This is a unique chance for visitors to get a sneak peek into NASA’s incredible journey to Mars.

One of the event highlights is undoubtedly the chance to get up close to the futuristic Rover. This is the newest concept vehicle that has been specially designed to tackle the challenging landscape of Mars. It has huge wheels which have been designed to travel over craters, dunes and rocks, and functions both as a working vehicle and a laboratory!


Summer of Mars at the Kennedy Space Center


Its features not only include navigation and communication systems, but also life support systems! With the lab attached, the Rover is an impressive 28-feet-long, 14-feet-wide and 11-feet-tall. Based on NASA science, this high-tech vehicle could be what the next generation of space explorers travel in! Those visiting the Kennedy Space Center before mid-July, will be able to see the Rover in all its glory, before it embarks on a tour of the USA. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

There will also be a range of activities, attractions and shows as part of the Summer of Mars event. Here’s what’s in store…

Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted- If you’re fascinated by the possibility of exploring the Red Planet, you’ll love this live multimedia exhibit. There’s a live presentation which highlights exactly what’s happening at NASA right now, as well as interactive games, simulators and mock-ups of Mars Rovers that you can explore for yourself!

Eyes on the Red Planet- This brand new 3D 4K (ultra HD) presentation lets you dive into the past, present and future of NASA’s ambitious journey to Mars. You get to see just how NASA are preparing for human exploration of the planet in this breath-taking exhibition that brings the mission to life using state of the art technology.

Journey to Space 3D- When visiting the Kennedy Space Center, you should take advantage of the chance to experience the IMAX Theater, as its included free with your admission. Journey to Space 3D uses stunning imagery and astronaut interviews to tell the story of NASA’s most famous accomplishments, as well as the exciting plans for the future. You might recognise the voice of Sir Patrick Stewart narrating the show too.

Science on a Sphere®: Red and Blue- Want to get a close-up look at Mars? Well, for now, the closest you can get is the 3D 6-foot-tall illuminated globe at the Kennedy Space Center. During Summer of Mars, the globe will compare the similarities and differences between the Red Planet and Planet Earth using vibrant imagery.

Cosmic Quest: While you might not be able to be a part of the mission to Mars yourself, you can have a little fun on the planet by embarking on a Cosmic Quest with the help of Robonaut. This interactive game play experience is the only game in the world that lets aspiring astronauts engage with real NASA missions. You’ll be able to build your own Mars habitat that’s optimised for survival.


Cosmic Quest at the Kennedy Space Center


During the next few months, there will be several special appearances from world-famous astronauts like Jon McBride, Brian Duffy, Winston Scott and Don Thomas. If you’re planning a visit, make sure you check the schedule before you go, so that you don’t miss out.


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