The LEGO Movie 4D a New Adventure Comes Exclusively to LEGOLAND Florida!

The LEGO Movie 4D a New Adventure Comes Exclusively to LEGOLAND Florida!
Everything is awesome in 4D at LEGOLAND Florida!

If you loved the LEGO movie, LEGOLAND Florida has a treat in store for you from January 2016! From the start of the new year, The LEGO Movie 4D a New Adventure will be screened exclusively at LEGOLAND parks, starting with the inaugural showing at our favourite Florida park.

The new film brings back some of our favourite characters from the LEGO Movie, including Emmet, WyldStyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard, along with their original voiceover actors! The film beings with a mysterious invitation to our LEGO heroes, inviting them along to a brand new theme park based on the characters’ adventures in the LEGO Movie. Sounds intriguing...

Everything is not how it seems though (of course!) as the gang once again find themselves trapped in an evil plot. This time, it’s up to the audience and their LEGO building skills to save them though, as the 4D effects of water, wind, smoke and lighting effects bring this 4D adventure to life!

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