Which Walt Disney World Ticket is for Me?

Which Walt Disney World Ticket is for Me?
We've got a WDW ticket for everyone...
Struggling to decided which Disney ticket you need after the launch of our new Disney 2-Day ticket and Disney 2-Day Ticket Combos? Find out your Disney style and the perfect ticket for you with our short guide below…

We've got a Disney ticket for every travellers style below; read on to find out which ticket would be best-value for your Orlando holiday. Which Disney style are you?

'Super Fan' - 14/21-Day Disney Ticket


Minnie and child Walt Disney World


If you live for Disney and spend your weekends watching old Disney films from the comfort of your mounting pile of Tsum Tsums, then it’s simple, get the 14-day or 21-day Disney ticket!  With four huge parks, two massive waterparks and an amazing shopping area to explore, it’s impossible to get bored of Walt Disney World. Even better, right now we’re offering 14 days at Disney for the price of 7 AND a free My Memory Maker pacakage worth $169, so you’re getting twice as much Disney for your buck.

'First timer' - Orlando Freedom Ticket



If it’s your first time in Orlando, you will probably want to sample a little of all of the parks, including Walt Disney World. The best ticket for this is the Orlando Freedom Ticket, which lets you try out everything WDW has to offer, plus Universal’s 2 theme parks and SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica. Or, a slightly cheaper ticket would be combining the Disney parks (and not missing out on anything there!) with either the 2 Universal parks OR the 3 SeaWorld parks. This way, you get to enjoy all the parks without compromising on your Disney experience.

'Been there, done that' - Disney 2-Day Ticket


Mickey floating


First of all, you can never have ‘been there, done that’ with Disney World! With new rides, news shows and amazing new attractions opening all the time, no two trips to Walt Disney World will be exactly the same, even if you go two years in a row. However, if you are just looking to dip into the Disney parks and maybe check out the latest rides, we do have a ticket for you. This week, we’re launching a brand new limited time only 2-day Disney ticket which allows you to visit two of the Disney parks within a 14 day period (one park per day) and to enjoy a game of mini-golf on us. This is a great option if you’ve been to Orlando before, have a busy trip planned visiting the other parks but can’t resist revisiting two of your favourite Disney parks!

Similarly, if you’re a seasoned Florida tourist and plan to spend your holiday relaxing by the pool at your hotel or villa, you might fancy a shorter trip to the park but not a 14 or 21-day commitment. In that case, the 2-day ticket is perfect as you can see your favourite parks, enjoy your free game of mini-golf then return to the hard work of relaxing.

'Let’s give it a try' - Orlando Freedom Ticket Lite



Got reluctant teenagers or spouses who think they’re immune to the Disney magic? We promise they won’t be after you get them to Walt Disney World! Check out just the highlights of the Disney parks alongside Universal Orlando and the SeaWorld parks with an Orlando Freedom Ticket Lite and let them decide for themselves – we can almost guarantee Disney will become a future fixture of your Orlando holiday (and not just for 2 days!). Afterwards enjoy a free game of mini-golf which will appeal to all the family, as there are plenty of different mini-golf courses of varying difficulty, theme and pace. With this ticket, you can enjoy the flexibility of 14 days unlimited access to the Universal and SeaWorld parks as well as the bonus of 2 days at Disney (1 park per day). Your 2 days at Disney don’t need to be consecutive as well, they just need to be taken within 14 days of activation so it’s very flexible. 

Which Disney style are you? There's a ticket for everyone on our Walt Disney World resort pages!

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