8 Ways to See the Grand Canyon

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8 Ways to See the Grand Canyon
There are dozens of way to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, but here are our ultimate favourites!

If you’re visiting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, a number of tours include return transport from your hotel, which takes the hassle out of driving there yourself. It’s a 4 hour drive, so you might prefer to just sit back, relax and be whisked there by coach!

For the best way to see the Grand Canyon, you’re in the right place. We’re on hand to provide you with 8 fantastic ways you can see this incredible sight on any budget or time constraint. From luxury helicopter flights to intrepid mule rides, there’s something to suit every travellers style at the Grand Canyon.

By helicopter



We had to start our list with the most indulgent way to see the Grand Canyon, obviously! Often described as the highlight of their holiday by our customers, helicopter rides are the perfect way to take in as much of the landscape as you can, while riding in style! Helicopters are best equipped to nimbly navigate the canyon, dipping in and out so you can fully comprehend the scale of this incredible feat of nature. A visit to the Grand Canyon is truly a once in a lifetime experience so why not do it in style?

By plane



If you’d like to swoop over the Grand Canyon but can’t stretch the budget to a private helicopter tour, a Grand Canyon highlights plane tour could perfectly fit your bill! In 70 minutes, you can spot the Grand Canyon West Rim, fantastic views of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and the Colorado River from above, all for just £94. This is also a great option if you’re short on time and want to see as much as possible!

By coach



If you’d prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground but don’t fancy driving atop those steep cliffs, a coach tour could be perfect for you, particularly if you’re on a budget. The iconic South Rim is considered one of the best points from which to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the canyon, but coach tours can be taken on all of the 4 canyon rims. Tours will stop at impressive vantage points for the chance to snap some photos. Tickets can also be combined with entrance on to the SkyWalk, a transparent horse-shoe shaped bridge which extends 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.

By zipline


zipline over grand canyon


If JUST seeing the Grand Canyon by helicopter alone doesn’t quite cut the mustard for you, why not book a helicopter and ziplining package? Yep, you can zipline over the Mojave Desert after zooming over the Grand Canyon in a luxury chopper! After you’ve been dropped off from your whirlwind chopper tour, you’ll be harnessed up and whizzed off Bootleg Canyon for a thrilling high paced zipline adventure. This one is definitely on the higher budget end, but it’s not every day you get the chance to zipline over a desert!

On foot


Hiking grand canyon


Hiking is a great, cheap way to see the Grand Canyon and there are a number of trails you can follow. However hiking in such dry conditions can really take its toll, so make sure to plan ahead and come prepared! The best times to hike the Grand Canyon are in spring and autumn, where the weather conditions are less arduous and this is really only recommend for seasoned and skilled hikers!

By mule


Mules at Grand Canyon


If hiking isn’t an option, another low-cost way to explore the canyon is on an organised mule ride. It might sound unusual, but mules have long been used to guide tourists around the canyon and offer a much less gruelling alternative to exploring just on foot. Take a pack lunch to keep this trip budget friendly, as food around the canyon is often pricey.

On a raft



A great option for adrenaline seekers is to enjoy a helicopter tour and then take to the Colorado River on an 11-mile Black Canyon motorised raft trip! You are treated to a little about the history and wildlife of the canyon, as well as a stop for breakfast on the canyon floor and lunch in a secluded private cove. Take in the brilliance of the canyon from the air and from the river and make your Grand Canyon experience truly a day to remember.

By jeep


Pink Jeep Tour


Jeep tours are a hugely popular way to navigate the treacherous terrain and go off-roading the Mojave Desert. The Pink Jeep company have been operating Grand Canyon jeep tours for over 50 years, so you’ll be in safe hands as you speed along the south rim of the canyon and take in the stunning panoramas and the widest and deepest parts of the canyon. Although these are off road vehicles, you don’t need to forget luxury – expert drivers, small vehicles and a personal tour guide make these tours extremely comfortable, as well as being great fun. 

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Golden Eagle Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon , Las Vegas , Shortlists