Things to Do as a Family in Las Vegas

Things to Do as a Family in Las Vegas
Spend some quality time in Vegas!
Las Vegas isn’t all about bars and casinos, there are many family-friendly activities to enjoy in the city. Discover some of our top activities!


Despite its reputation as a city of gambling and excess, Las Vegas has much more to it and is home to lots of family-friendly attractions. Its neon signs, glittering streets and casinos are just a part of the culture in Vegas but look closer and you’ll find fascinating museums, historical sites and natural attractions – including the nearby mighty Grand Canyon! There’s lots to do as a family in Las Vegas.


Top family-friendly activities in Las Vegas


Downtown Container Park


Downtown Container Park vegas

Downtown Container Park is a completely unique open-air shopping centre with plenty to keep families busy. Adorned with gigantic sculptures, the container park offers a range of exciting restaurants, an interactive playground, free concerts and film screenings! To find out more, we spoke to the team: “Downtown Container Park is a 1.1-acre, open-air shopping centre and entertainment venue featuring 39 shops, restaurants, and bars, located in downtown Las Vegas at 707 Fremont Street. The innovative shopping space is constructed of 43 repurposed shipping containers and 41 locally manufactured Xtreme cubes.


Downtown Container Park

“Container Park is the perfect destination for families. The open-air centre is home to The Treehouse, an interactive play area complete with 33-foot slide and NEOS play system. The Lawn at Container Park, a venue and event space, hosts live entertainment nightly. We also have a wide variety of activations on the lawn, including monthly daytime Kids Camp events for the kiddos, and wine and beer walk events in the evenings for adults!”

Fremont Street


Fremont Street

On a family holiday to Las Vegas, it’s understandable that you may not wish to walk around endless bars and casinos with your kids. But if you want to experience the glitzy side of Vegas, Fremont Street offers the best of the city’s grandeur through lights, bars and restaurants. Most people visit for its amazing LED canopy, which has 12.5 million lights, but there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

Named in honour of American explorer John Charles Fremont, in the heart of the downtown casino corridor, Fremont Street has an electrifying atmosphere and is an easy place to soak up the ambience Las Vegas is renowned for. There are tonnes of restaurants, from classic steakhouses to pizza joints, and unique pieces of history. Look out for a slab of the Berlin Wall and check out classic neon signs from decades ago.

The Mob Museum


The Mob Museum Vegas

The Mob Museum, also known as the National Museum of Organised Crime and Law Enforcement, houses a fascinating collection of mob memorabilia. Families with older kids will have a great time discovering the history of organised crime in America through interactive exhibitions and artefacts. Delve into the era of prohibition, find out what happens in a crime laboratory, learn about the process of identifying, apprehending and prosecuting criminals through the eyes of law enforcement, and find out what’s happening today.

To find out more, we spoke to Ashley Miller, Senior Director of Marketing & Sales at The Mob Museum: “The museum is steps away from the vibrant Fremont Street in Las Vegas. The four floors of interactive exhibitions are housed in our restored 1933 former courthouse and post office building which is considered the most historic address in the city.

The Mob Museum Las Vegas

Image: The Mob Museum


“Learning about the rise and fall of the Mob is just the beginning, visitors can see the St Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall first-hand, take a seat in the courtroom where Mob hearings actually took place and so much more. Guests can now even end their museum experience by grabbing a craft cocktail in The Underground which is the new prohibition-inspired speakeasy and distillery in the basement.”

We asked Ashley what makes The Mob Museum a great activity for families visiting Las Vegas: “There’s something that will appeal to everyone at the museum, especially with every floor of exhibition space offering actual events and real stories of Mob history along with engaging interactive stations.

“A good thing to keep in mind for parents is we offer children 10 and under free admission. We enhanced our offerings with a museum expansion that debuted this year. One of these enhancements is the Crime Lab experience which allows guests to explore the work forensic scientists do while being hands-on with five interactive stations.”

Las Vegas Natural History Museum


Las Vegas Natural HIstory Museum

Image: Las Vegas Natural History Museum


Take a journey through the world’s natural history at this fascinating museum in Las Vegas. Although it may not be the first thing you think of when you imagine Vegas, the Natural History Museum is an excellent family-friendly activity. Educate yourselves and your children on the natural world, sciences and indeed, humans, as you wander through the museum’s many exciting exhibits. Explore how archaeologists in the early 20th century discovered some of Egypt’s hidden treasures, including Tutankhamun, and learn about mummies through a vibrant interactive display. Unlock the secrets of the Jurassic period by analysing the world’s most preserved dinosaur in the flesh – Leonardo!

Kids will love seeing animals of the African jungle up close in person (they’re not alive – don’t worry!) and discovering the process of evolution through real-life exhibits. For a fun and educational activity in Las Vegas, that doesn’t depend on the weather, head to Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory


Ethel M Chocolates

Image: Ethel M Chocolates


We’re pretty sure there’s not a single child who isn’t excited about chocolate, which is why Ethel M Chocolate Factory is the perfect family-friendly activity in Las Vegas. Located just outside of Las Vegas, the factory produces gourmet chocolate of the very highest quality. The company was founded by Forrest E. Mars Sr (of the Mars candy empire) in 1978 to cure his boredom after retirement. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength. People can visit the factory, enjoy a chocolate tasting and even design their own chocolate collections!

Interestingly, the factory today is surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens. With over 300 species of plants, it is the largest in Nevada and one of the world’s largest collections of its kind. Best of all? It’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the strip if you’re looking for some downtime in Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon

Formed over 5-6 million years ago, carved by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most iconic natural attractions. The steep-sided canyon, with its instantly-recognisable red rock formations, stretches up to 18 miles wide and covers 277 miles in length. This remarkable natural structure, forming the Grand Canyon National Park, has revealed more than two billion years of Earth’s geological history, as the river has cut back the layers of rock.

It’s estimated that around 4.5 million people visit the Grand Canyon every year. If you’re thinking of visiting the park with your family on a Las Vegas day trip, there are plenty of exciting ways to do so. Whether you decide to experience the canyon from high above in a helicopter or from the amazing glass viewpoint, we’re sure you’ll have a memorable experience.

Image Credits: Downtown Container Park, Bernard Spragg, Jeremy Thompson, Patrick Nouhailler, ADTeasdale

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