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Shard and meal was fantastic, only thing to watch out for with the meal is the add on’s hubby ordered steak however basically that’s it if you wanted veg or chips you had to pay for it.

4 stars:

Nichola Carr reviewed 10 Jun, 2022

The view from the Shard is OK, but not great. I suppose it depends on how much you love London. Make sure you you know what you have booked. 1/ If you haven't got vouchers for Champagne included it will cost you over £15 a glass. 2/ If you are including the 3-course meal at London Steakhouse, you should know the restaurant is not within the Shard, its not even near to it. It is located over a mile away near to Liverpool St. station. On the current description this is only mentioned right at the very end of the Experience description. It mentions an option for the restaurant at London Bridge - there isn't on! 3/ Be warned you may have to queue to get in the Shard this can seriously affect the time you have to "view" before you have to leave to get to the restaurant. At best without traffic a Black Taxi Cab will take 10-15 minutes, the Tube could take 40 minutes to 1 hour. 4/ The food included in the meal voucher is for a 3-course meal with an aperitif cocktail to start. The main course is limited to a choice of 3 meals only one of which is a steak (rump), you may upgrade to a steak (fillet, sirloin or rib-eye) with a supplement cost of at least £12 each. any side orders (potatoes, veg or salad) have a charge of £6.50 each for an individual portion. Wine has a starting price of £12 a medium sized glass. We ended up with a bill of £85 for two for updating to steak each, 1 glass of wine each, 1 portion of chips each and 1 portion of broccoli between us. Without the voucher the cost would have been £149 for the two of us, the meal was nice but not worth £149, I have had much nicer meals with a full bottle of wine for a lot less than this. 5/ The big disappointment for this was that the restaurant wasn't in the Shard or even close by.

2 stars:

Mike Flatman reviewed 05 Sep, 2021

A great day out with the girls

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 15 Jun, 2019