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Enjoy up-close marine life encounters at Poema del Mar, the newest attraction to open in Gran Canaria. With over 350 species and three different zones to explore including marine life ecosystems and fresh-water species, this modern and spectacular aquarium shouldn't be missed!

Our guide to Poema del Mar

At Poema del Mar you can explore this brand new innovative and modern aquarium, visiting different themed zones and seeing some 350 species of marine life this is a fascinating new attraction.

During your visit to Poema del Mar, you will get to discover three different areas; surface marine ecosystems, deep marine ecosystems and fresh water species.

You will start your tour by submerging into "The Jungle" an area that has recreated the landscapes and biodiversity of different parts of the world. 

Next, move on to "The Reef", an enormous cylinder of 400,000 litres of water with a wide variety of fish and coral reefs.

"The Deep Sea" is the third area and final area of the aquarium, where you will see the largest exhibition curved window in the world and is your window to the deep ocean.


Poema del Mar is open daily. PLEASE NOTE: You will be sent an OPEN-DATED E-Ticket that can be used at any time on your holiday.

Start times

Gates open at 9.00am and close at 6.00pm.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Poema del Mar Tickets

  • Poema del Mar One Day Ticket includes a full day entry
  • You will receive a gate-ready Poema del Mar ticket, not a voucher, ensuring minimum fuss when you arrive at Poema del Mar. There is nothing to redeem and you simply go straight through the gate on arrival.
  • Poema del Mar Tickets are open-dated and activated the first time they are used.
  • Tickets do not include transportation to Poema del Mar. 
  • Poema del Mar Ticket price does not include car parking.
  • Cancellation Policy: Once your ticket has been downloaded from your customer account, ticket is non-refundable.


Frequently Asked Questions for Poema del Mar Tickets

  • How do I get my Poema del Mar Ticket?
    Attraction Tickets Direct will email a gate-ready Poema del Mar ticket. These are actual tickets, not vouchers, so there is nothing to redeem locally and you simply go straight through the gate on arrival.


  • Do I have to select a date to visit Poema del Mar?
    No, Attraction Tickets Direct will send you open-dated Poema del Mar Tickets. These tickets can be used at any time.

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