The 10 Best Water Parks in the World

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Mai Thai lazy River at Siam Park in Tenerife
Need to cool off? Here's the crème de la crème of water fun parks
When summer has finally arrived and temperatures start to climb, everyone wants just one thing: to get into the cool water!

We have listed the 10 best water parks in the world so that you know exactly where to take the plunge. Where would you like to go?


10.  Jungle Aqua Park, Egypt

Junglw Aqua Park

The Jungle Aqua Park in Egypt kicks off our top 10 water parks. Located close to the Red Sea, this water park boasts a large number of slides (35 to be precise!) and other attractions that are great fun, especially for younger visitors.


9. Water Country, USA

Water Country

The next park on our list is the Water Country park in the east of the USA. In addition to excellent food, this park also offers slides that will keep the big kids entertained. Special highlight: the Colossal Curl slide with unpredictable bends that you can whizz through with up to 4 people at the same time.


8. Hot Park, Brazil

Hot Park

The first representative from South America is in 8th place. Tall, fast and wild slides and pools in illuminated caves await you here in a tropical atmosphere. Children in particular have a fantastic time in this park. Special highlight: the water in the park is heated to a pleasant temperature.


7. Disney’s Blizzard Beach, USA 

Summit Plummit Rutsche in Disney's Blizzard Beach

At number 7 comes the first big name; Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Set against an incredibly detailed backdrop of snow and ice, there are a number of spectacular slides here that really do have a surprise or two in store for all ages. Special highlight: the Summit Plummet, with an almost vertical, 12-storey drop.


6. Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai 


Dubai's best water park and the largest water park in the world can be found at number 6. The breathtaking Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is located on the artificial palm island off the coast of Dubai and boasts 79 adrenaline-packed slides and attractions, including a zip line through the park! Special highlight: The Tower of Neptune slide takes you through a transparent tunnel through a pool full of sharks - are you brave enough for this slide?


5. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, USA

Castaway Creek

In the park, which lands at number 5 in our ranking, you feel like you're stranded on a tropical island. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is all about variety. Whether it's wild slides or calm ones, such as the Lazy River, or diving in one of the lagoons in the park: there's something for everyone here. Special highlight: in the Typhoon Lagoon you can even learn to ride the waves like a professional surfer.


4. Waterbom, Bali


Our number 4 is home to the best water park in Asia: the Waterbom in Bali, Indonesia. With more than 12 breathtaking slides, a separate children's area and even more attractions, this park will make the heart of every water park enthusiast beat faster. Special highlight: on the Twin Racers slide, you can slide against family and friends and find out who is faster.


3. Aquatica, USA

Dolphin Plunge Rutsche im Aquatica Wasserpark

We have finally arrived at the top 3 water parks in the world. Third place goes to the best water park in America's theme park capital: Aquatica Park in Orlando. In addition to quieter, family-friendly slides, the park also offers real thrill slides for thrill-seekers, where you shoot head first through the park at incredible speeds. Special highlight: the Reef Plunge slide leads through a transparent tube through a pool full of playful marine life, which often compete against the fast slides.


2. Beach Park, Brazil

Beach Park

The silver medal goes to the second Brazilian water park in our ranking. The Beach Park in Fortaleza, Brazil, attracts tourists from all over the world. The reason for this is the balance between relaxation options and adrenaline-inducing thrill slides. A special highlight: the Insano slide, which is no longer the highest slide in the world but is still one of the craziest water slides in the world, which sends you plummeting down for over 40 metres! 


1. Siam Park, Spain


The best water park in Europe is also the best water park in the world. In the south of the Spanish Mediterranean island of Tenerife lies the famous Siam Park - a water park in a class of its own. Whether big or small, young or old, looking for relaxation or action: this park really does have the right attraction for everyone, although the action-packed slides naturally make up the majority. Special highlight: an almost free fall of 28 metres takes you through an underwater aquarium tunnel at incredible speeds - dare you try the Tower of Power?


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