Why Thorpe Park is a Must-Visit UK Attraction for Horror Fans

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Guests screaming and holding each other on the Derren Brown Ghost Train. They are wearing VR headsets
It doesn’t need to be Halloween for things to get scary at Thorpe Park
With rides inspired by terrifying TV shows and movies, you’ll be in for a thrilling fright at any time of the year.

Do you love thrilling rollercoasters and immersive experiences? Do you also love the spine-chilling rush of watching horror movies? If you do, then Thorpe Park Resort is the theme park for you! 

Whether it’s Easter, Christmas or the middle of summer, Thorpe Park is home to fantastically terrifying attractions that will get your heart racing all through the year. Because who says it needs to be Halloween for things to get a little spooky? 

From mind-bending experiences to heart-racing rollercoasters, here are all of the horror-inspired rides at Thorpe Park that can’t be missed!


SAW - The Ride 

SAW - The Ride was the world’s first horror movie themed rollercoaster, based on the classic movie franchise. On this coaster that combines indoor and outdoor tracks, you’ll encounter swinging pendulums, a floor full of spikes and rotating blades as you ride through Jigsaw’s array of torture equipment. 

After climbing up a fully vertical lift hill, with the ominous sounds of the ticking clock surrounding you, you’ll be dropped 100ft at more than 90 degrees, reaching speeds of up to 55 miles per hour as you free fall and twist round loops and rolls. 


A ride vehicle going down a drop on Saw - The Ride


The Walking Dead: The Ride 

Will you make it to the safe zone and survive the Walkers? When you ride The Walking Dead: The Ride, inspired by the popular TV show, the experience begins as soon as you walk through the doors with an immersive pre-show and live actors that will have your heart racing before you even sit in your seat. 

Before long you’ll be plunged into pitch darkness as you plummet down 10m drops and reach speeds of up to 45km per hour. With your sight impaired, your other senses will be on high alert as you round every corner - you never know what might be hiding there! 


Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of The Demon 

A ghost train like no other, Derren Brown’s Rise of The Demon combines live action, virtual reality and holograms to give guests the most immersive experience possible. You may board a Victorian train carriage, but soon you’ll be immersed in a modern-looking London Underground scene as you journey through time while moving through carriages. 

There are more than 10 different versions of the Derren Brown Ghost Train, with two different endings, so you’ll never know what to expect, even if you’ve ridden before! 


A man staring at the camera, sat in between people with VR headsets


Black Mirror Labyrinth 

While more of a thriller than a horror, the Black Mirror Labyrinth is still worth mentioning, as this mind-bending, sensory-defying experience isn’t for the faint-hearted. Recommended for guests aged 13 and over, lighting, sounds and special effects will lead you deep into the heart of the Black Mirror universe - will you be able to make it out? 


Two mean and two women in a labyrinth of mirrors looking for a way out


Thorpe Park isn’t known as the UK’s most thrilling theme park for nothing, and there’s plenty for those that don’t want scares with their thrills, including the UK’s faster rollercoaster, and the UK’s only winged coaster! Book your Thorpe Park tickets today! 


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THORPE PARK Resort Tickets , UK , Inspiration

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