5 Reasons to Take the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

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5 Reasons to Take the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour
A great day out for Potterheads!
Go behind the scenes and discover all the magic behind your favourite film franchise.

We’ve all been waiting a long time for those Hogwarts letters to arrive now – nearly 20 years in fact! If you’re getting tired of waiting, you can get your Potter fix at the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London, where you can discover everything from The Great Hall, to the Night Bus on Privet Drive to Hogwarts Castle itself.

Here are just some of the dozens of amazing exhibits you really shouldn't miss...


1. Zoom over London

Where else will you get the opportunity to soar over the sights of London on a wooden broomstick? Pop on your cloak and house scarf and take your place on the broom, which uses magic (and, erm, 3D technology and wind machines) to bring to life the sensation of flying over the capital. There’s even the opportunity for a photo shoot, so make sure you pull your most serious flying face.


2. Taste a Butterbeer




If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the creamy Butterbeer drink you can buy around half way through the tour. The tour is self-guided, so you’re free to go through to the picnic area at any time and take your pick from a range of snacks including the frothy butterbeer drink and some creamy butterbeer ice cream.


3. Catch a cauldron in the act


Potions at Warner bro Studio Tour


There are loads of amazing interactive exhibits at the Studio Tour which come to life in front of your eyes. The potions room is particularly mischievous and you’ll see why when you get there! Make sure you look out for the little details while you’re on the tour and keep a special eye on the potions kept by Snape in the dungeons...you might recognise a few familiar ingredients…

4. Come eye to eye with a goblin

If you’re interested in seeing how the films, and in particular the weird and wonderful creatures which appear them, are brought to life, then the makeup and special effects department will be right up your alley. See the intricacies of the goblin masks, make-up work and the technology used to create iconic moments in the film.

5. Board the Hogwarts Express




The iconic red train is probably one of the first things you think about when you picture the Harry Potter films and now you can see it in all of its shining glory on the recreated 9 ¾ platform (where there’s of course a photo opportunity to be had!). Better yet, you can go inside the train, where significant scenes from the films over the years have been recreated in individual carriages.

The studio tour, which has been running ever since the last Harry Potter film wrapped is extremely popular with visitors from all over the world and sells out weeks and even months in advance, which is why it’s important to pre-book. Have us confirm your place for you on the Warner Bros Tour by clicking here!

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