Why Staying at a Disney Resort Hotel Could Save You Money

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Why Staying at a Disney Resort Hotel Could Save You Money
Disney Hotel vs Villa
Wondering whether you should stay at a Disney hotel or a villa? Here’s how staying at a Disney Resort Hotel can save you money…

A holiday to Walt Disney World Resort can add up quickly, but there are ways you can save yourself some serious money! Like the sound of that?

While you may think that staying on-site at a Disney Resort Hotel might increase your holiday price tag, it could actually SAVE you money! Here’s a handy guide, showing how much you could save by staying at a Disney Resort Hotel vs staying off site at a privately rented villa during the Disney Free Dining Period.


Disney Resort or Villa?


You could save… over £1,400 on theme park food!


Mickey Mouse Ice Cream


Who doesn’t love a freebie? When you book a stay at a moderate Disney Resort hotel during the Free Disney Dine offer period (ends Nov 6th 2017*), you’ll get Disney’s Quick Service Dining Plan for FREE. This means that you can feast on tasty treats inside the parks completely free of charge! You’ll be given a different dining plan, depending on which level hotel you’re staying at, but the Quick Service Dining Plan includes 2 x self-service meals (like hot dogs and fish and chips), 2 x snacks (like ice cream and popcorn), 1 x drink and a refillable mug.

If you’re visiting with the whole family, the little ones will most likely want to try the tasty treats available in the parks, and as you can imagine, eating theme park food every day can be quite pricey. The Quick Service Dining Plan is worth £35pp per day totalling £1,400 for 4 people. But, if you stay at a Disney Resort hotel, you can enjoy this for FREE! 

*Offer now ended

You could save… up to £545 on a rental car

If you manage to find a cheap rental car for the duration of your holiday, you can expect to pay a minimum of £190 (with insurance included). You’ll have to pay a fee per day for any extras you’d like to add on too. Driving to and from the parks each day can get tiring, especially after an action-packed day exploring the incredible Disney parks. If you’d like to share the driving between you, you can add on a second driver, but this could add another £100 to your bill.

You’ll need to know where you’re going too, and a Sat Nav will cost you an additional £130 for the duration of your trip. If you need a booster seat (which is recommended for children up to 12 years old), that will be another £70 on top per seat.

You’ll also need to fill the car up with petrol. Trips back and forth to the parks, as well as to the supermarket, restaurants, and parks that are further out like Universal, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, could cost around £55 in fuel for the duration of your trip.

Of course, you may not need all of these extras, but it’s important to remember that it’s likely you won’t just be paying for the car rental. 


You could save… up to £135 on parking:

You might not know that it costs an average of $20 per day (around £15) to park at the Orlando theme parks. While most people visiting Orlando tend to have one rest day from the parks, parking for the days you do visit, will still set you back a lot of money. You should budget an extra £135, for parking alone. If you're staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, you won't need to worry about transport, as you can make the most of the complimentary buses, boats and even the monorail.


You could save… up to £76 on tickets:

Disney tickets

Walt Disney World Resort tickets will be one of the priciest parts of your trip, but are of course essential. When you book your Disney Tickets and Disney Resort Hotel together with Attraction Tickets Direct, you’ll benefit from 14 days of park tickets for the price of 7. This means, that you could save up to £76 on your total ticket price (for a family of 4).


Accommodation- Villa vs Disney Resort Hotel?


Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort


One of the main things about staying in a villa, that appeals to those visiting Walt Disney World, is the price tag. When you look at the initial price, it seems as though there’s a big difference between staying offsite (in a villa) and onsite (at a Disney Resort Hotel). While this is true based on price alone, it’s important to consider all the extra outgoings you’d have when staying in a villa.

Staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, could actually SAVE you money, as not only will you benefit from a FREE Disney Dining Plan (if you book during the offer period), you’ll also get complimentary transportation throughout the entire resort, free parking and a reduced ticket rate (when purchasing a complete package). You’ll get pretty much everything you need included, which means you won’t have to spend any extra money (unless you want to stock up on some souvenirs of course!). Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy exciting onsite activities like Disney Movies Under the Stars and campfire sing-a-long sessions with Chip and Dale. One of the best things about staying onsite, is that you never have to leave the Disney magic, and we think that’s priceless!


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