Krakow Extreme Shooting Range

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Test your shooting skills in safety at the largest shooting range in Krakow and practice firing with a variety of weapons, including AK 47s, Uzis, Glock pistols and many others.

Our guide to Krakow Extreme Shooting Range

Learn how to handle and shoot up to 33 different types of gun at the largest shooting range in Krakow. Test your skills with a variety of weapons, including AK 47 Kalashnikov rifles, Glock pistols, and sniper rifles

Choose from a range of shooting packages to suit your preference. Then, under the safety supervision of a professional instructor who will teach you how to hold the gun correctly, take aim and shoot at targets to score maximum points.

Experience what it feels like to fire a shotgun so powerful that the metal target has to be changed each week.  Compare scores with your friends and see who has the most accurate aim.

Feel the adrenaline of having a loaded weapon in your hands and firing at your target. Get some time to take souvenir photos with the guns at the end of the shooting practice session, and take home your targets as a unique souvenir.

Package Options:

Basic: Small Weapons with 15 bullets

Practice shooting using small weapons, including:
5x Uzi, 5x Glock, 5x Beretta

Soldier: Smaller Weapons with 25 Bullets

Practice shooting with smaller weapons, including:
10 x Uzi, 10 x Glock pistol, 5 x AK47 Kalashnikov

Army Beginner: Smaller Weapons with 50 Bullets

Special package dedicated to those who would like to try Extreme Shooting, but they are a little afraid of heavy weapons.
M4.22lr (20x), Uzi (10x), PM 63 - RAK (10x), CZ 75 Kadet (10x)

Ranger: Advanced Weapons with 50 Bullets

Practice shooting with advanced weapons, including:
15 x Uzi, 15 x AK47 Kalashnikov, 10 x Glock pistol, 5 x Magnum, 5 x shotgun.

Red Army: Weapons with 40 bullets

If you are interested in history, or you wonder what it's like to shoot the Red Army's unusual weapons, this package is definitely for you. Try the following weapons:
15x PPSh-41, 15x AK 47 Kalashnikov, 5x Mosin, 5x TT Tokariew Pistol

U.S. Army: Weapons with 40 bullets

Feel like one of tough guys from the U. S. Army and test your skills using weapons from movies or history lessons, including:
10 x M16, 10 x Beretta M9, 10 x M4 with speed aim point, 5 x Colt 1911, 5 x Sniper Rifle.

Commando: Advanced Weapons with 75 Bullets

Practice shooting with advance weapons, including:
15 x Uzi, 15 x AK47 Kalashnikov, 15 x Glock pistol, 5 x Magnum, 5 x shotgun, 10 x M16 A1, 10 x Beretta.

Veteran: Variety of Weapons with 100 bullets

Choose the largest package and practice shooting with a variety of weapons, including: 
20 x Uzi, 15 x AK47 Kalashnikov, 15 x Glock pistol, 5 x Magnum, 5 x shotgun, 10 x M4, 10 x Beretta M9, 15 x Scorpion Evo 3, 5 x Walther PPK.


3 hours

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Krakow Extreme Shooting Range

  • Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a voucher. Please follow these instructions prior to your tour.
  • You will need to show your voucher at the beginning of the tour. It is recommended you print a copy.
  • It is recommended to arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the stated start time.
  • Every participant MUST be at least 18 years old. 
  • Photo ID is recommended to take with you in case checks are carried out.
  • This activity is not suitable for guest in wheelchairs
  • You cannot be under the influence of alcohol. If you are, you may be refused to do the activity and no refund will be given.
  • Cancellation Policy: Free cancellations for bookings cancelled up to 72 hours prior to chosen date, to allow confirmation from the operator. No refunds are given for cancellations made within 24 hours. 


Frequently Asked Questions for Krakow Extreme Shooting Range

General Information

  • It is my first time to a shooting range, can I still go to the Krakow Extreme Shooting Range?

    Every person will undergo a safety briefing and instructional session on the proper handling of firearms before shooting. An instructor will be with you the whole time, providing support, answering questions and correcting your mistakes.

  • Can I take photos/videos while at Krakow Extreme Shooting Range?

    Your colleagues can take photos or record you while you shoot. Don’t ask the instructor to record you or take photos while you shoot, his job is to take care of the safety. If you’re alone, ask the instructor if there is anyone available to take some photos or record you.