Top 5 Snacks at LEGOLAND

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Top 5 Snacks at LEGOLAND
Have you tried any of these crazy LEGOLAND snacks?
Theme park food ranges from the delectable to the downright unusual! We take a look at some of the best snacks you can enjoy at LEGOLAND!

1. Granny Apple Fries

If you think apple fries sound like a very strange concept, you need to try these delicious crunchy snacks from the LEGOLAND parks. Apples are sliced into thin shoe string fries and deep fried and covered in sugar and cinnamon.  The delicious crunchy apples are served with a dollop of vanilla cream and will be polished off in seconds once you get started!



2. Cinnamon Dessert Pizza

At Fun Town Pizza and Pasta, you can load up on all you can eat pizza, pasta and the healthy salad bar. It’s important to leave space for the signature cinnamon dessert pizza though, which is the crowning glory of the pizza buffet! Soft, doughy and covered in soft powdered sugar and cinnamon, you’ll be glad you saved room.


3. Fun Town Slushie

These incredible ice-cold slushies are the perfect treat for a hot day! Choose from a huge variety of flavours or even mix them up and make your own to create your perfect slushie. Warning – will turn your tongue and lips funny colours!



4. Heartlake Ice Cream

Choose from a variety of delectable ice cream flavours at the newly opened Heartlake City Ice Cream Parlour. Bright colours and fruity flavours fit in perfectly with the vivid world of the LEGO Friends series, so it’s the perfect place to sit down and soak up the atmosphere.


Heartlake Ice Cream


5. Ice Cream Float

Ice cream floats are fizzy drinks topped with a scoop of delectable ice cream, drunk through a straw so the flavours melt together. It might sound a little strange, but we recommend you give it a whirl on a hot day! You can pick one of these up at Firehouse Ice Cream parlour, where you can also indulge in Sundaes and dipped ice cream. Yum.  

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