Visiting Walt Disney World on a Budget: Tips for Adult Groups

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Travelling with friends to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida? You won’t want to miss these handy money-saving tips.
Walt Disney World Resort is a fantastic place to visit as an adult group. This blog will help you stick to your budget when travelling as a larger group.

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida isn’t just for families; more and more adult groups are experiencing the adrenaline-inducing attractions, fantastic entertainment and restaurant options, and relaxing in one of the many nearby hotels and villas.

But how do you stick to your budget when travelling as a larger group? Take a look at our handy advice:   


Rent a car 

While many visitors to Walt Disney World Resort usually don’t feel the need to rent a car during their trip, if you’re travelling as a group of friends you may find that hiring a car costs very little extra, as you are splitting the costs between more adults. You’ll also be able to share the driving, which is perfect for the Florida road trips you should definitely take during those Disney Park away days. You’ll also be able to explore the Orlando area more too (our Florida Experts would recommend visiting Celebration, Winter Garden, and Altamonte Springs) sampling great restaurants and amazing nightlife.  


Car Rental WDW


Use apps 

There are loads of free and cheap mobile phone apps available to help you have a hassle-free holiday, many of which focus on the budgeting side of things. If you’re worried about going over your spending limit, consider downloading a money tracker and input all your purchases into it as you go. This is great as a group, but also individually - it may be the case that you have a different budget to other members in your group, and this will help you to keep track of what you’re spending. If you already use a banking app like Monzo, put your savings into a separate ‘holiday fund’ pot so you know that everything in there is available to spend. 

Additionally, splitting the bill apps are a great way to make sure no one is paying too much/too little during dinner or drinks. You can easily make a note of who owes who what using these apps too. A quick research online will reveal which app is best for your group. ​


Don’t forget to collect your Disney band 

When you book your Disney Magic Tickets with, you’ll get a Disney band included with each one. Not only will this save each of you $19.99 compared to buying them at the parks, but they also have a whole host of benefits that will make your trip even more easy-going, from entering the Theme Parks to linking your Disney PhotoPass photos to My Disney Experience. They can be reused again and again too, so you can use them on any future trips to Walt Disney World Resort.

These complimentary Disney bands need to be collected from Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs using the voucher you’ll receive in your customer account. Disney Springs is the perfect place for an adult group to spend an evening, so plan to visit one of the many restaurants or bars while you’re there. Some of our favourites include The Edison, Raglan Road, and Wine Bar George. 


Plan your meals/drinks 

When on holiday, it’s tempting to eat out every evening, especially if you’re travelling as a large adult group - the drinks are often flowing too! Stay on top of your budget by pre-planning your dining habits as a group. Do some research before, and make sure to take advantage of local happy hours or lunch/dinner specials at restaurants. 

Of course, you are still on holiday, so make sure you pick one or two nights to treat your group to a meal at a special restaurant. If you’ve been budgeting for the rest of the trip, this will feel like even more of a special occasion and you will enjoy it even more.


Adult Dining


Stay in a villa

Renting a villa for the duration of your holiday is usually much more cost-efficient than staying in individual hotel rooms if travelling as a larger group. Depending on the size of your party, you might each get a room to yourself and there will be more bathrooms for you all to get ready in the mornings. 

You’ll also have the luxury of having your own kitchen, making it easier to save money on dining, and a living space that will allow you to unwind in your own private space after a day in the Disney Parks. Villas in Orlando usually come with their own pool too - you often won’t have to share this with anyone else and again it makes for a perfect way to take a chill day.


Swap Disney Merch

Getting those all-important photos complete with Disney Ears and other merchandise is a vital part of any group trip to Walt Disney World Resort. Save money and swap and share your ears/clothing. This will make your photos look varied and fun, but means that you can split the costs of the merchandise and keep to your budget. Liven up your photos with your friends and create lasting group memories - and don’t forget that you’ll have Memory Maker included in the cost of your Disney Magic Tickets, so you’ll all be able to download your Disney PhotoPass photos to your phones at no extra cost.


3 adults in front of the castle


As you can see, an all-adult trip to Walt Disney World Resort can be budget-friendly and cost-efficient by following these handy tips. Why not browse our Orlando tickets and start planning your group trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida now! Book by 28th March and get 14 Disney Park Days for the price of 7* on your 2024 tickets to save even more!


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