Behind the Scenes at Ihu’s Breakaway Falls

Behind the Scenes at Ihu’s Breakaway Falls
By Susan and Simon Veness
Big things are coming to Aquatica. In fact, there’s ‘Nothing Taller’! This past Friday, Aquatica water park hosted local media for a hardhat tour of the construction site that will soon become the mega-thrill, free-fall body slide, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. Let’s take a look behind the hoardings.
Ihu's Breakaway Falls - Aquatica
That’s Ihu the gecko, on the right
As of now, the future site of the southern United States’ tallest, steepest, and longest multi-drop body slide is mostly sand and pylons. But by its opening date of 9 May, four slides, each nearly 80 feet tall, will tower over the park and send thrill-seekers plummeting between 27 and 40 feet straight down, at 20-24 feet per second, each with 360-degreespirals. Even better? Three of the four tubes are clear. And the floor that breaks away below riders’ feet is clear, too, so you can see what’s coming. 
Ihu's Breakaway Falls - Aquatica
Pylons that will anchor the 105 foot tower
If that’s not enough to get your heart pounding, bear this in mind, you can see your fellow riders, and,with a random drop sequence,you never know which of you will drop first. Sure, there’s an intercom system and you can hear the countdown, but you won’t know which slide will drop first when the countdown reaches zero. 
Do we have your attention yet?
Ihu's Breakaway Falls - Aquatica
Once you drop, the tubes are translucent, similar to Aquatica’s Dolphin Plunge slide.
Each slide is a different ride experience, with the shortest slide at 377 feet, the longest at just over 400 feet, one of them with four 360-degree spirals. If it sounds too daunting, don’t worry. There is an open slide for riders who want all of the sliding with none of the break-away. Still, as Bryan Nadeau, Vice President of Aquatica, says, “No matter which slide you choose, once you get to the top, the only way down is down.”
Ihu's Breakaway Falls - Aquatica
Aquatica Vice President, Bryan Nadeau, fills us in on the details.
The spectator value will be terrific and Ihu (pronounced Ee-hoo) the gecko and his colourful friends will be on hand for a photo op, even if you’re not riding.
Now….who wants to go first?
Ihu's Breakaway Falls - Aquatica
Aquatica's Ihu's Breakaway Falls officially opens the 9th May. Now the opening dates are in, get those Orlando attraction tickets in and start planning your Orlando theme park experience with Attraction Tickets Direct!

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