Added Happiness! A truly captivating destination with a rich family oriented culture and an air of romance, Italy’s beautiful cities offer a combination of art, culture and history, as well as providing the ultimate relaxation experience with its stunning backdrops.

Whether you’re looking for a lively city break or a tranquil getaway, this is a haven with so much to offer. Admire the incredible artistry of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, and sample the Italian capital’s outstanding Colosseum that once held 87,000 people! Get a real taste of Rome in the local piazzas with the mouth-watering authentic cuisine. A romantic gondola ride in Venice, the city of water, is a once in a lifetime experience that you simply cannot miss. As you glide along the peaceful canals, savour sights including Mozart’s home and beautiful Venetian palaces. Wine tasting, cooking classes and art galleries will also keep you entertained. Those looking for something more adventurous can indulge in a ‘Chianti by Vespa’ tour, where you can contrast the idyllic views of the countryside with this fast paced sightseeing tour. 

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