Top Tips to Know Before You Go to California

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California dreaming is about to turn into your reality!
The Golden State is full of thrilling opportunities for you to explore! Whether you are flying in for a small whistle-stop tour or a prolonged stay, we have some key tips to enhance your stay!

Here are some of our top tips to help ensure you have the best experience in this stunning state!


1. Don’t try to cram it all in

California is a huge state, being 1.7 times bigger than the whole of the United Kingdom, so you really shouldn’t try to see it all in one go. There is so much to do! From Los Angeles, to San Diego and San Francisco, each city offers a drastically different experience. Even if you are planning to visit only one of these stunning cities, make sure not to rush everything, as you just might miss it!


2. Plan your route and destinations

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If you have planned to stay in the state for a long time, we recommend a road trip along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, or to cut costs and time, simply flying between the various cities. Have a clear, structured itinerary to help maximise your time there!

Key destinations:

  • Los Angeles - Home to Hollywood and beautiful beaches 

  • San Francisco - Famous for the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz 

  • San Diego - Known for its zoo and Balboa Park 

  • Napa Valley - A paradise for wine lovers with vineyards and tasting rooms


3. Pack a range of clothing

Depending on when you are travelling, we recommend packing a variety of clothes to prepare for all weather circumstances. California can experience some shockingly cold weather considering it is the state known for its glorious sunshine and golden sand beaches. Even during summer, when you are close to the coast, sometimes once the sun sets you can feel a breeze so we recommend that you always pack at least a jumper to keep you warm! You don’t want to end up popping into a store on Rodeo Drive to get some warm clothing - you just might spend all of your holiday budget!


4. Research hotel locations

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This tip is extremely important for trips to Los Angeles, the hotel location is the most important decision! Research before you go which tourist attractions you would like to visit or the restaurants you plan to dine in and find a hotel nearby. Los Angeles is a huge city which can experience a lot of traffic, so if you are staying near Beverly Hills and plan on regularly visiting Malibu, you could waste a lot of time on travelling, as well as waste a lot of money!


5. Assess all accommodation options

There are great accommodation options for all occasions, from luxury resorts and boutique hotels to budget friendly motels and camping sites! We highly recommend you book these in advance, especially during peak seasons (June through August).

Types of Accommodation:

  • Hotels and resorts - Found in cities and popular tourist areas 

  • Airbnb - great for families or larger groups

  • Camping - numerous state and national parks offer campgrounds


6. Book tourist attractions in advance

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We recommend that you book tourist attractions that you have your heart set on visiting before the trip to ensure you gain admission. This is especially important if you are planning on visiting during peak seasons! You can either buy individual tickets for each attraction you would like to see or you can purchase a multi-attraction pass, which provides access to multiple attractions under one digital ticket!

Los Angeles:


San Francisco:


San Diego:


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There is so much fun to experience, so book your tickets now! Click here for tickets to Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

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