Hoover Dam Tour & Black Canyon Rafting

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On this thrilling Hoover Dam tour not only will you have the chance to marvel at the vistas from atop the famous structure and learn the history of this fascinating landmark, but you’ll also enjoy a river-raft float along the Colorado River starting at the base of the dam.

Our guide to Hoover Dam Tour & Black Canyon Rafting

This fully comprehensive tour explores the Hoover Dam, one of America’s National Historic Landmarks, as well as incorporating a raft ride along the famous Colorado River.

Step outside your Las Vegas hotel to find a signature Tour Trekker waiting to take you on your expedition. While on your way to the Hoover Dam, you will hear a narrated story of this famous area’s history and urban legends from your tour guide.

Spot important landmarks from your window, cruise by historic Boulder City and enjoy the view of the clear waters of Lake Mead before arriving at the famous dam itself.

Discover the history and engineering science behind the building of the Hoover Dam through an informative film and the interactive exhibits before exploring the Power Plant - you’ll have access to well-lit passageways overlooking the massive machines that keep the Hoover Dam running.

Your tour continues outside onto the observation tower where breathtaking views await - don’t forget to take pictures of this marvelous manmade accomplishment before switching your mode of transportation to boat!

Climb aboard a raft and float along the Colorado River on a relaxing journey which gives you exclusive, close-up views of the Hoover Dam and Black Canyon.  What’s cooler than the wind blowing through your hair as you lean back to look up at the Hoover Dam?

Before you board your Tour Trekker to return to Las Vegas you’ll have the opportunity to photograph the famous Mike O-Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.


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