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At the International Spy Museum, there's something for the spy in all of us. Featuring the world's largest collection of international espionage artifacts (many of which are now available to the public for the very first time), the Spy Museum brings the world of spycraft to life.

Our guide to International Spy Museum

Explore dozens of interactive exhibits and discover the power of the James Bond film series in the newest special exhibit, “Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains.” The Spy Museum is both informative and exciting, dedicated to educating their visitors about espionage through their extensive collections and fascinating exhibits which currently include: 

The Briefing Center - Receive your cover identity and prepare to test your spy skills throughout the Museum on your UNDERCOVER MISSION.

Stealing Secrets - Come face to face with spies and spymasters, gadget makers, scientists, and engineers from past and present. Take a closer look at the hundreds of imaginative inventions used to steal secrets.

Making Sense of Secrets - How does secret information get turned into useful intelligence? Try your hand at code-cracking, think like an analyst, and experience how decision-makers use intelligence.

Covert Action - Discover the age-old techniques leaders use to secretly influence events abroad. Find out about covert mission failures and successes – from sabotage to lethal action.

Spying That Shaped History - How has spying shaped the world? Explore stories from the American Revolution to 21st century cyber warfare. What happens when secrets are kept…and revealed? Hear what real spies think about on-screen spies.

An Uncertain World - How do spy agencies protect against threats at home? What happens when they go too far? Delve into spy tales from Renaissance Venice to Cold War Berlin.

Debriefing Center - Receive your Undercover Mission conclusion and performance debrief that summarizes your top spy skills.

Learn all about the special techniques of the men and women who worked some of the most pivotal espionage missions in history and explore the tools and technologies that made their missions successful.

A visit here is the perfect way to explore the secret side of Washington, D.C.!

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