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Amazing it was our second time on The Beast and would definitely do it again the next time I visit.

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 07 Oct, 2019

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 21 Jun, 2016

This was da bomb! Just do it - you will love it!

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Trusted Customer reviewed 15 Sep, 2014

The last Attraction Ticket we bought was for ‘The Beast’ New York Speedboat Cruise. This was one of the real highlights of the holiday but only after more New York trauma! The Attraction Ticket stated that there was no need to book and to turn up 20 minutes before the intended trip. This we did arriving just before 1000. When I presented the tickets I was told that the next available trip was at 1400 which would incur a four hour wait. Not being prepared to accept this I was eventually taken past security to the operating offices. Here I was told that there was no availability as a school had booked the two trips before 1400. I pointed out the wording on the voucher to which they replied that Attraction Tickets were at fault and should not have printed that information. It was only after I stated that the ticket constituted a written contract that they changed their approach PULLED SOME STRINGS and got us onto the 1100 trip. Once on we were surprised to note that the boat was practically empty! However the trip itself was fantastic with a great crew who made it even more enjoyable and in the end worth the hassle. The morel is ‘ to go on the trip is a must but do not trust the information you have been given. Book in advance!’ Regards Chris kent UK

4 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 10 Sep, 2013

really great, only downside was staff expected a tip for doing nothing

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Trusted Customer reviewed 26 Aug, 2013