What's Hot - Elsewhere

What's Hot - Elsewhere


Legoland finds a home in Florida

In 2011 a brand new theme park took residence in the entertainment destination of the world. Legoland, in Winter Haven Florida, on the former site of Cypress Gardens. Featuring 50 new rides and Legoland’s trademark LEGO block characters and scenes, Legoland Florida is geared primarily towards kids aged 2-12 crowd, and fits the bill perfectly for greater choice in family entertainment.

Keep checking ATD's Latest News page to find out about LEGOLAND Florida's here.

What's Hot at Kennedy Space Centre

Hubble 3-D

Over on the coast at Kennedy Space Centre enjoy the brilliant IMAX film Hubble 3-D, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. Journey through the Universe from the perspective of the Hubble Space Telescope for a truly jaw-dropping experience. Enter star nurseries, float alongside astronauts, and wonder at the sheer size of the galaxy. We guarantee you’ll come away from it with a profound feeling of inspiration and awe. Companion display, Eye on the Universe: The Hubble Space Telescope Exhibit is worthwhile for further exploration.


Star Trek Live allows guests to join Star Fleet Academy in a theatrical experience heavy on audience participation. Combining special effects, science, and the Star Trek characters, this 30 minute show was due to end on 31 December 2010, but may continue into the new year.

Tickets for Kennedy Space Center can be found here


The Eco Zip Line

Adrenaline junkies, take note! You can always trust the good people at Gatorland to come up with something new and exciting, but their latest offering is a real doozy! Strap into the Eco Zip Line harness and hang on to your hat, ‘cuz you’re going for the ride of a lifetime! You can travel along one of four separate lines, the most daring soars right over the Alligator Breeding Marsh with 1,200ft of line, heights up to 56ft, and speeds up to 30mph, it’s not for sissies. But the thrill factor is undeniable; a real must-try adventure!

On the gentler end of the scale, Critters On the Go features some of the park’s cuddlier residents with hands-on meet and greet opportunities.



  • Remember to pack the children’s swimwear for your visit to Gatorland. Gator Gully Splash Park is included in your park admission to Gatorland. Gator Gully’s various splash elements, including bobbing egrets, squirting alligators and one very leaky old jalopy are the perfect cool-down for youngsters, while parents relax with a cold drink under the area’s shaded pavilions.

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Dinner Shows

The dinner show scene in Orlando was ready for an injection of new life, and was welcomed on International Drive in the form of the Titanic Dinner Event. Join Captain Smith and some of Titanic’s most famous passengers such as Madeleine Astor, Molly Brown, and ship designer Thomas Andrews for an elegant dinner and relive the hours that led up to the sinking ship. This wonderfully interactive experience tells the tale in grand style. And the food is just as good as the show.

PRO SPOT: Titanic Dinner Experience’s character hosts have a wealth of knowledge about the Titanic story. Take some time to speak with them, either during dinner while they are still in character or after the show. During dinner they will answer in character (don’t ask how the ship went down; they don’t know that’s going to happen yet!). After the show they can step out of character and answer any of the questions you might have.


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