Details Revealed for Avengers Campus at Disneyland California Resort

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Spring into action at Disneyland California, when the Avengers Campus opens in 2020!
Channel your inner superhero and join a host of famous faces at the Avengers Campus - coming soon to Disneyland Resort California .
2020 isn’t too far away now, and with it comes the exciting opening of the Avengers Campus at Disneyland California Resort.
The highly anticipated land is opening in Disney California Adventure Park next year, and fans have been waiting patiently for further news on this exciting addition.
And now, more details have now been revealed for the Avengers Campus. Here’s what we
now know:
The area is set up by the Avengers, in order to recruit the next generation of Super Heroes. Speaking about the area, Scot Drake, Creative Executive, Marvel Global Portfolio, Walt Disney Imagineering said “In some ways, these new campuses are like the Avengers themselves: a group of diverse individuals who have teamed up for the same purpose.
“This collection of unique addresses - each dedicated to a different discipline - have been brought together to champion the next generation of heroes.”
So, each of these areas will focus on a unique Super Hero skill, where guests will be able to channel their tactics and learn about some of their favourite Characters.
disneyland avengers campus
Worldwide Engineering Brigade
The is the first key address at the Avengers Campus, and will be known as “WEB” (Worldwide Engineering Brigrade). This area will house the new Spider-Man experience, which is the first Disney ride-through attraction to
feature this iconic Super Hero.
spiderman rid
Guests will be invited to take a test drive of the latest invention from the aspiring inventors on the campus - the “Web Slinger” vehicle. This allows guests to sling webs just like Spider-Man! Have a taste of what it feels like to have actual superpowers, as you help Spider-Man collect Spider-Bots that have run amok…
pym kitchens
Pym Test Kitchen
The campus will also feature Pym Test Kitchen, home to Pym Technologies. Just like Ant-Man and the The Wasp use famous ‘Pym Particles’ to grow and shrink anything and everything, the latest innovations are being used to grow and shrink food at this exciting eatery! We can’t wait to see what the menu has in store for us.
Other encounters around the campus
As well as specific areas dedicated to some of the most recognisable Avengers, guests will also find heroic encounters at various places around the campus. See the likes of Black Widow, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Super Heroes from Wakanda and Asgard, and Iron Man.
avengers hq
Avengers Headquarters
This iconic building will tie the area together, as the Super Heroes continue to assemble at the campus. You may even catch a glimpse of the Avengers along the rooftops, too…
The building will open in the second phase of the opening, and will become the future entrance to a brand-new E-Ticket attraction. Step aboard a Quinjet and fly alongside the Avengers in an epic adventure to Wakanda and beyond! Guests and the Avengers will team up, working together to battle to save our world against one of the most powerful villains you have ever seen.
Stay-tuned for more updates on this exciting attraction - Imagineers are hard at work conceiving the all-new ride innovation system to put guests in the middle of this action.
Other Disneyland Resort California additions
As well as the Avengers Campus, there’s also loads more to look forward to Disneyland Resort California. An all-new ‘Magic Happens’ Parade is debuting in spring 2020 at Disneyland Park, which will travel down Main Street U.S.A. The show will contain beautiful costumes, as well some of your beloved Disney Characters, led by Mickey Mouse and his
Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway opens in 2022 at Disneyland Park, which will be the first major Mickey-themed ride-through attraction, and channel the unpredictable world of of the “Mickey Mouse” cartoon shorts.
pakodiwuhulibepustipefraswedajibrolostastubroslepaslojugegemethuvashoswothaswuuoluuawra , Orlando

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