Top 5 Springfield Foods and Drinks to try at Universal Studios!

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Top 5 Springfield Foods and Drinks to try at Universal Studios!
Novelty food and drinks from our favourite show!
Our foodie highlights from the Springfield attractions at Universal Phoebe Tennant

Admit it, we’ve all drooled at the television watching The Simpsons, eager to eat one of those famous doughnuts Homer loves so much or the Krusty Burgers Bart raves about! So when we first visited Universal Studios after the opening of the Springfield attraction, we seized every opportunity to eat our way into the Simpsons’ world...

1. Lard Lad’s Donuts

It is absolutely vital to stop by Lard Lad’s and pick up one of the renowned giant doughnuts ($4.99), perfect for sharing between two (unless you’re prepared to challenge yourself to battle your way through your own one)! Smaller sized doughnuts and other desserts are available but c’mon…what would Homer say?

Lard Lad Donut

Thank you to customer Joseph Dougal for this photo!

2. Luigi’s Pizza

Next stop, Luigi’s Pizza. With the finest doughs and toppings, Springfield’s very own Italian offers you a pizza to remember. Perfect for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike, this restaurant is a must with low prices from $7.49 - $7.99 per pizza. We love grabbing a slice and teaming it up with a beer from Mo’s….heaven!


3. Krusty Burger

Bart’s favourite, the iconic Krusty Burger, is a MUST at least once on your food-filled trip to Orlando. If it is good enough for the Simpson family and Chief Wiggan, it is good enough for you! Take a bite from the legendary burger and never look back, except at the hole in your wallet with prices a little steeper than at Luigis! Worth every bite though.

Krust Burger

4. Cletus’ Chicken Shack

Chicken and waffles has just become the newest trend in London, but in Springfield, they’ve been doing this stuff for years! Enjoy a piece of crispy chicken breast packed in between two potato waffles, smothered in maple syrup mayo and served with a portion of tater tots in Cletus’ famous Chicken Shack. Prices range from $8.29 - $11.99.

Photo: Good Food Stories

5. Moe’s Tavern/Flaming Moe’s

Finally, wash down your food with a Buzz Cola for the kids or a Duff Beer for the big kids from Moe’s Tavern. Homer makes them look too good, and Universal Studios is your chance to feel the same as Barney does as he demolishes every single drop in his tankard… at the cost of $3.99 - $8.99 per drink.  Gulp! Maybe do this AFTER you've finished on all the rides though!

Mos Tavern

You can enjoy these treats at both Universal Studios parks with tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct: Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood. Add Happiness! 

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