You’re Guaranteed to Get Wet with Hornblower Niagara!

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Say goodbye to jumping in a barrel and heading over the Niagara Falls…Hornblower Niagara Cruises will take you as close to the horseshoe falls as possible, putting you right smack in the middle of all the action.

Hornblower Niagara is currently in it’s fourth season of operation, where the season runs from April through October. There are three different cruising options, all family friendly and not too badly priced either!

Get an Early Start


All cruises come with complimentary ponchos so no need to worry about getting wet. Hornblower Niagara also suggests you keep bags small. Anything that fits under the poncho will not get wet, but anything that is bigger will get soaked. Hornblower Niagara has a bag drop and stroller drop available as well.

Each boat features a completely open top deck, where the most unprecedented views can be had. However, for those who would like to stay dry, the lower deck of the boat is completely covered, and is heated, so those who may be visiting in the cooler temperatures can stay warm and dry while enjoying the picturesque views of Niagara Falls.

The Daytime Option

For the daytime option, the Voyage to the Falls cruise, get your camera’s ready. This journey will take you the absolute closest to the falls that you can get. At one point during your 20-minute journey, you will be completely surrounded by the Canadian falls, with the water gushing and roaring, perfect opportunity for a selfie!

The daytime journey is general admission, with no specific time for when your sailing will be. The only thing absolutely locked in is the date you purchase the ticket for. Get there early, get there in the afternoon, as boats sail every 30 minutes. The boat also offers coffee, hot cocoa, and snacks for sale.

Nighttime Options

With two nighttime cruise options, guests can enjoy the falls in a different way, with the Illumination Cruise or the Fireworks Cruise. While these are family friendly, the night time cruise options also offer alcohol that can be purchased on board, as well as bar snacks.  You will not get as close to the falls as you would on the daytime journey though, so be prepared.

The Illumination Cruise gives way to rainbow lights and city sights as the entire skyline and the falls are lit up in different ways. This cruise sails at a particular time and only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the end of October.

The Firework’s Cruise is a seasonal operation, but isn’t to be missed either!  What could be more amazing than the sound of roaring waterfalls as the skies above are blasted with color? This special cruise operates from May through September, Monday through Friday.

The Fireworks Cruise and the Illumination Cruise sail at specific times on specific days. You must be on board the ship by the time on your ticket. It is the last sailing of the day and refunds are not available if you miss it.

Hornblower Niagara also wants to see your pictures! Make sure you use #InTheMist and you’ll be able to submit that perfect in the mist selfie that is not to be missed! Any Niagara Falls selfie is cool, but one actually in the mist? I’ll be snapping away when I visit!

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