How to Climb the O2 London: Up at the O2

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How Do You Climb the O2 London?

If you fancy doing something different in London from the usual tourist attractions, Up at the O2 is the perfect experience for adventure-seekers.

Known as urban mountaineering, this activity will see you scale the heights of the world’s busiest music arena by foot, without the aid of a lift or escalator.

Take in the sights of the capital in the most thrilling way possible, undertaking a 380-metre long guided walk situated 52 metres above the ground.

Tackle a 28-degree incline climbing to the top, with a 30-degree incline as you return.

The feeling of weightlessness is enhanced by a slight bounce, but you’ll have a hand rail for support, with a balustrade to lean on when you’re at the observation deck.

You can then enjoy 360-degree views of London which will take your breath away from your unique vantage point.

Your guide will explain all of the necessary details prior to climbing, as well as supplying your climb suit, boots and harness. The base of the tent over the O2 is where you will begin your ascent.

How much does it cost to climb the O2 London?

The cost of climbing the O2 is just £30 each for both children and adults.

Can I climb the O2 London?

You will be able to climb the O2 if you are over 10 years old, at least 1.2 metres tall and a maximum weight of 21 stone.

Due to safety reasons around the harness and climbing suit, your waist must not measure more than 125cm and your upper thigh no more than 75cm.

Anyone under 18 is asked to be accompanied by an adult, with one adult required per two children.

Can I do Up at the O2 if I’m pregnant?

Anyone who is pregnant will unfortunately not be able to climb the O2, due to the fitted harness and the physical exertion of undertaking the climb.

Can I do Up at the O2 if I have a fear of heights?

You can certainly climb the O2 if you’d like to conquer your fears – and good for you for taking on the challenge!

If you do decide to embark on the expedition, you will have the full support of the trained and experienced guides every step of the way.

How long does it take to climb the O2?

The whole Up at the O2 experience will last for 90 minutes in total, which gives you time to undertake your briefing and to put on your climbing gear. The walk itself takes around an hour.

Will I be supplied with all the equipment to climb the O2?

You will be given everything you need as part of your ticket price, including the special climbing suit, protective and sturdy climbing boots, and your harness.

Will I be able to climb the O2 in bad weather?

Up at the O2 will continue to take place in most weather conditions, unless they are classed as severe and will pose a threat to climbers. This includes gales, lightning, heavy snow and ice, which will all necessitate the attraction closing for safety. In this case, you can either book another slot in for when the weather is better or receive a full refund.

If you’d like to book tickets for Up at the O2, click here.

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