7 Sets You Can Find in The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

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Discover what is behind the cameras of your favourite TV show
Take a glimpse behind the curtain to witness the step-by-step creation of movie magic, and explore the sets where beloved movie characters have stood before!

Are you familiar with Warner Bros. Studio? If not, we believe you might be mistaken. This entertainment powerhouse is the creative force behind nearly every beloved hit TV show, cartoon and blockbuster movie you have enjoyed! 

If you take a trip to Los Angeles, you’ll have the chance to see behind the scenes of some of your favourites with a ticket to the Warner Bros. Studios Tour Hollywood - here are seven of the sets you can visit!

1. Friends 

“Friends” holds a special place in our hearts. If you have also formed a bond with the six eccentric New Yorkers navigating adult life across 10 seasons, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a must-visit for you!


A young woman in blue sparkly top sat next to woman in white t-shirt sat on orange sofa in front of the iconic circular fountain from Friends credits.


The iconic “Friends” fountain seen in the show’s credits, where the characters frolic together at night, still stands tall in the centre of Warner Bros. Studio 20 years after the show wrapped! Here you can stand exactly where the characters stood (unfortunately you are not actually allowed to jump in the fountain) and snap a photo on the sofa in front to recreate this memorable scene.

Next, step into the iconic Central Perk set, central to every “Friends” episode, where the characters would frequently gather to drink coffee and joke around, catching up on their antics! You can even take a seat on the actual sofa used for filming.


Set of the Friends coffee shop, to the left there is a film camera with the iconic coffee table and brown sofa behind. There is also the coffee counter with cake holders and signs saying 'service' hanging up. Behind there are other tables and some stools.


Once you’ve soaked up the atmosphere of the New York City coffee shop, with a couple photos snapped along the way, you can then head into the “Friends” merchandise shop! Inside, you’ll find an exact replica of Monica’s kitchen where you can grab a quick photo and browse through all the “Friends” merchandise available for purchase.


Woman in sparkly blue top and black blazer stood with hand on wooden kitchen counter that has light blue draws. Above there is cluttered utensils, condiments, pans hanging up and shelves with cutlery on.


2. Gilmore Girls 

As a mother-daughter duo on our trip to Los Angeles, the Warner Bros. Studio provided the perfect photo opportunity as we stepped into Stars Hollow, the charming but quaint town from “Gilmore Girls”. This beloved TV series, following the journey of single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory, first aired in 2000 and continues to captivate audiences.


Gazebo in the centre of a town with while pillars, a brick staircase and grey outlines. In the background there are tall trees without leaves on them, a mint green and white house and a blue house with white fences.


If you are a fan of this iconic show, a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a must. Wander through the town, stop outside Stars Hollow House of Worship, where Lorelai would participate in the town meetings hosted by Taylor, drop by Luke’s diner, and step inside the Gilmore house. All while the tour guide shares intriguing insider facts. 

Although the set has evolved since the original series, having been repurposed for other shows such as “Pretty Little Liars”, the spark of Stars Hollow remains undeniable.


3. The Big Bang Theory 

Another immensely entertaining and successful TV show crafted in this studio is “The Big Bang Theory''. Centred around a group of four nerdy scientific geniuses who befriend their female neighbour, Penny, this comedy primarily follows the socially awkward physicists as they navigate the complexities of romantic relationships.

On the studio tour, you can stand outside Penny’s apartment door and recreate the classic Sheldon knock as you pose for photos in the hallway (knocking 3 times consecutively).


Apartment staircase with brick walls, dark blue staircase and a beige and white wallpaper. There is a lift with a dark wooden door, an 'OUT OF ORDER' sign on the doors and two strips of caution tape in an X shape on the door.


Next you can head inside Sheldon and Leonard’s Californian apartment. Here you can sit on Sheldon’s spot, grab some comic books off of their coffee table and strike some interesting poses for the photos the Warner Bros. staff capture for you.


Apartment designed set, with dark brown sofa with patterned blanket on top and stripey cushion on. Another smaller sofa which is grey with an orange cushion. In the background there are DNA structure statues, comic books spread out on coffee table and robots on dark wooden drawers. To the right there is a white door with glass.


4. Young Sheldon

The most recent TV show filmed in this studio is “Young Sheldon”, a spinoff show from the hugely successful “The Big Bang Theory”. Revolving around Sheldon Cooper’s childhood, the show has found similar success with season 7 being released in May 2024. On the studio tour, you can spot multiple familiar locations from the show, including the college in Texas he attended. 

In the past, enthusiastic fans have spotted actors from this popular show during their tours, with the cast occasionally taking moments to snap photos with their fans amidst their hectic filming schedules.

5. Batman and Robin

The 1997 film, “Batman and Robin” was predominantly filmed at the studio situated in Burbank, California. Bringing DC Comics to life, it garnered immense popularity worldwide. While spotting the filming locations of this movie is a highlight of the tour for many superhero fans, there’s much more to explore. Dive into the universe teeming with your beloved heroes and villains, capturing an incredible photo holding Wonder Woman’s Lasso, look at the real life Batmobile, and marvel at the costumes worn by your favourite actors and actresses, including Robert Pattinson’s suit and Zoe Kravitz’s suit for Catwoman.

6. Abbott Elementary

“Abbott Elementary” is a comedy series that takes place in a public elementary school in Philadelphia. It follows the dedicated and quirky teachers as they navigate the challenges of educating and inspiring their students.


Two large yellow school buses with a stop sign attached to one and writing along in black saying "GREATER PHILADELPHIA SCHOOL DISTRICT". In the background is a brick building and behind that is a couple more buildings.


The show provides a humorous outlook on the ups and downs of the American education system, as they encounter budget cuts and lots of personal drama.

7. Pretty Little Liars 


White gazebo to the left, with buildings of varying colours behind such as red and dark blue store fronts below. A large white lorry is next to the white church with pointed roof and circular windows.


Last but certainly not least, “Pretty Little Liars” was extensively filmed across this entire studio, with many locations having been used previously in the filming of “Gilmore Girls”! 

Visitors have the chance to explore iconic spots, such as the famous church where the four girls encounter numerous intense experiences, including near-death encounters. You can also step into Spencer Hastings’ house and witness the red barn in her backyard, where Alison DiLaurentis mysteriously disappears from in the first episode! 

There are countless spots from the show are sure to delight any “Pretty Little Liars” fans.


If you are eager to see all of the sets yourself and sit where your favourite characters have sat, buy tickets now for Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood.

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