Jack Skellington - The Patron Saint of Halloween!

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Jack Skellington - The Patron Saint of Halloween!
Jack Skellington, the not so scary Halloween advocate!
Five reasons why Jack Skellington is the most significant character of Disney's Halloween community!

Depending on which way you're inclined, Orlando's Halloween season can mean a number of different things; the scaremongers and horror fans amongst you will see Halloween as  your opportunity to have the living daylights well and truly scared out of them at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights or Busch Garden's Howl o Scream. At the other end of spectrum are the Disney fans, who'll head to Disney World to meet the characters that make a special appearance for the All Hallows Eve celebration - namely the notorious Disney villains.

Needless to say we adore the well crafted character Maleficent, from the 1959 Walt Disney Classic  Sleeping Beauty, voted the most evil of the Disney villains. However, there's another Disney character that resurfaces for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween, often forgotten or even overlooked as a Disney character, nevertheless we believe him to be an essential and significant member of Disney's Halloween community and that's none other than Jack Skellington.

If you're not familiar with this gentlemanly skeleton, here's ten reasons why we think he is the most significant Disney character of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween.


1. He's not so scary...

Jack Skellington Gif


In fact he's probably less scary than the Disney Villians.  Admittedly he's a little ghostlike and sneaky, but he's also characterised as curious, kind and good hearted. 

2. He's the Pumkin King of Halloween Town...

Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Gif


Jack Skellington's business is Halloween. In fact He is to Halloween what the Easter Bunny is to Easter, what Santa Claus is to Christmas. He is the patron saint of Halloween, making him the most fitting member of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween after Mickey!

3. He never loses his temper...

Unlike Cruella De Vil, Jafar, Maleficent and other Disney Villains, who lose their wrath frequently when their plans of world domination fail,  Jack Skellington rarely loses his temper. He loses his temper once with Oogie Boogie because Oogie Boogie endanger Jack's friends.

4. He is a member of the undead...


Jack Skellington is indeed a walking, talking and living skeleton. He is immortal and able to remove his body parts with ease, without actually causing any harm to his skeletal frame. 

5. He's moral...

Jafar wants to be the ruler of Agrabah and Cruella De Vil wants to make a coat made from the fur of ninety nine dalmation however Jack Skellington isn't power hungry and doesn't have any evil affiliations, he only wants to bring new ideas to Halloween Town!

If you're headed to Orlando for the Halloween season, be sure to get your Disney tickets for a character meet and greet with Halloween's patron saint, the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington!

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Orlando , Disney World , Halloween , Disney Films , Character Meet and Greet , Halloween in Orlando , Disney Characters