Your Cut-Out and Keep Orlando Theme Park Bingo Card

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Your Cut-Out and Keep Orlando Theme Park Bingo Card
Tick the box when someone in your family does one of these
It goes without saying; Orlando is clearly a destination where you don’t have to worry about making sure everyone has fun. Sunshine (usually), epic theme parks, unique attractions, delicious dining and lasting memories are all but guaranteed, but we’ve found a cheeky way to have a little bit of extra fun at the theme parks.



Orlando Bingo Card


  1. Can't fold up a theme park map. 
  2. Shows off with a Harry Potter or Walt Disney fact. 
  3. Asks for an ice cream.
  4. Needs the toilet just as you finally get to the front of the attraction line. 
  5. Gets lost in the gift shop.
  6. Immediately rides again a second time via the single rider line. 
  7. Says 'it’s hot' about the weather.
  8. Complains the air-con is too cold.
  9. Takes a selfie with one of the characters.
  10.  Gets drenched on a water ride.
  11. Forgets which parking lot they left the car in. 
  12. Falls asleep in the car on the way home.

‘Are we nearly there yet?’ and ‘What’s the wifi code’, are two holiday questions that are sure to pop up wherever you go, especially if you have teenagers in tow. But Orlando, Florida has its own list of classic holiday clichés and whether its your first time or your tenth visit, we bet you’ll end up doing them all at some point.

Print out one of our Orlando Theme Park Bingo cards for each theme park you’ve planned to visit and tick off the boxes as you go. You could even turn it into a competition by guessing which member of your party will do each one first. Bonus points if the same person manages to do every one!

Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a picture of your bingo card at the end of the day so we can see what theme park customs you managed to tick off.

Booking your tickets in advance can save you time and money on the gate prices and with some of our tickets combos and deals, you might even find a few extras thrown in for free.  With so many parks and attractions, it pays to be organised and you’ll be surprised how many bingo squares you tick off every day – no matter how much of a theme park pro you are by the end of your holiday.

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