10 Reasons Adults Should Love Disneyland Paris, too!

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10 Reasons Adults Should Love Disneyland Paris, too!
Disneyland Paris...also for grown-ups...
If you're of the thinking that Disneyland Paris is the Disney park dedicated to young children and the adults are merely in attendance for the sake of the children, you'd be wrong. The park's thrilling rides, breathtaking firework displays and authentic French restaurants, all set in the Romance Capital of the world, really couldn't make for a better theme park for adults to escape to as well!

1. No Matter Your Age, You Won't Have Lived Till You've Experienced a Disney Firework Display!


Charlotte La Bouff Disney gif

Whether you're five years old or fifty five, the Disney theme parks the world over won't fail to dazzle anybody, anywhere, any age with their stunning firework displays. And the same applies to Disneyland Paris' A Night-time Spectacular Show: Disney Dreams! In fact, we might even argue that the older you are, the better position you are in to appreciate the true beauty of a Disney night-time spectacular. It might just reduce you to (happy) tears.


2. It's No Ordinary Firework Display!


Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams

In fact A Night-Time Spectacular: Disney Dreams! is not just a firework display! Disney Dreams uses the breathtaking Sleeping Beauty Castle as its canvas for a magical Disney tale, told with projections of Disney characters against its facade. A gushing water display, brilliant colours and pyrotechnics all choreographed to an original and touching musical score, make this night-time spectacular universally...spectacular!


3. Don't Understimate the Rides - Not All are Child Friendly!


Up Disney Gif

The big thrill rides at Disneyland Paris are BIG THRILL RIDES - so be prepared! You'll have the G's knocked out of you on the big thrill rides here just like you would on any other big thrill theme park ride anywhere else in the world. 


4. Thrill Seekers You'll Be Glad to Know...


There's a Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris too! Let's be honest, if you're a thrill seeker then you'll feel very strongly about this faulty elevator ride, that has you plumetting down the elevator shaft of a thirteen storey hotel at lightening speed! For the Disney thrill seeker, this ride is simply iconic! The concept is chilling, the ride is adrenaline surging and the feeling you'll experience after your ride is IMMENSE. This ride most certainly is not for children!


5. Space Mountain - To Infinity and Beyond!



Space Mountain

Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris is extraordinary - even by Disney standards. With adults in mind, Disney Imagineers have gone to infinity and beyond to make sure that the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland Paris takes you on a journey into Space that you can't experience at any other Disney park. Space Mountain: Mission 2 has been enhanced to go even deeper into Space than Space Mountain rides at Disneyland California or Walt Disney World Florida, making it an even bigger thrill ride than it was before!


6. Only Adults Can Appreciate Being in the Romance Capital of the World



Although any Disney park is just as romantic as it is magical, there's no other Disney park on the planet that can boast about being located in the most romantic city in the world. So, if you're visiting the park as a couple, it would be criminal not to turn up the romance a notch or two. It's the perfect theme park for an anniversary, birthday or Valentine's Day.


7. Or even better, a proposal...


Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The romantic setting is already laid out for you - all you have to do is find the guts to get down on one knee. If you tell a cast member of your intentions in advance, they'll be more than happy to faciliate your 'popping of the question' to make it extra special!


8. Adults Get the Best of Both Worlds at Disneyland Paris


Bistrot Chez Remy Disneyland Paris

You can only truly cherish your childhood once you're all grown up. So head to Disneyland Paris, escape from all the responsibilities you've acquired as an adult and appreciate all the finer things in life, like good French food and wine.


9. Themed Dining for Adults...


Bistrot Chez Remy Disneyland Paris

Admittedly, a rat in the kitchen is a frightening thought, but you just can't deny how brilliant a film Disney Pixar's Ratatouille is. As much as the film offered the escapism element all Disney films do to both children and adults, the film's mouthwatering foods and real life recipes managed to please the mature palates of adults particularly. Since 2014, foodies can now wine and dine at Remy's very own bistro, Bistrot Chez Remy, where you can enjoy a menu of typical French food, including the very ratatouille from the film.


10. See Your Favourite Childhood Movies and Characters Come to Life


We can promise you, no matter how old you might be, seeing the Disney characters you watched on VHS all those years ago come to life never grows old! You'll be pleasantly surprised at how overwhelmed you'll feel when you meet these characters. And although he may not have been your favourite character from Beauty and the Beast, he's nothing but ALL man. So go and hang out with Gaston at Disneyland Paris and engage in some serious adult conversation.


Dude, do you even Disney gif


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