Kennedy Space Center Tickets from just €36pp

Added Happiness! Experience Space Shuttle Atlantis and other out of the world attractions at the amazing Kennedy Space Center. Tickets start at just £30 per person.

Use your Kennedy Space Center tickets to experience all the one-of-a-kind hands-on exhibits and attractions at Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex including the amazing Atlantis - See Atlantis as if it were in space, raised 30 feet off the ground and rotated at a 43.21-degree angle with its payload bay doors open and Canadarm (robotic arm) extended.

Incorporated into Space Shuttle Atlantis is the adjacent Shuttle Launch Experience, which simulates the vertical launch aboard the space shuttle. Guests are immersed in the sights, sounds and feelings of a space shuttle launch, designed under the guidance of NASA and veteran space shuttle astronauts. Other attractions include the Saturn V Center where you will find a real Saturn V Rocket, the LC39 Observatory Gantry  where you can see all three components of a Space Shuttle and view real life Space Shuttle mission hardware, the Rocket Garden where you can climb-aboard Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsule replicas and view the monstrous 111-meter Saturn V moon rocket, the most powerful rocket ever built. 

For the first time anywhere, Angry Birds are flying from the digital screen to the hands-on real world! After entering the Angry Birds Space Encounter, enjoy seven interactive stations designed to engage and immerse guests in a new dimension of Angry Birds Space. 

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