Bear Grylls Adventure Now Available to Book!

Bear Grylls Adventure Now Available to Book!
Buckle up for an out-of-this-world action adventure!
Are you brave enough to tackle these challenges set by Bear Grylls?

If you’ve ever watched The Island with Bear Grylls or the insanely popular Born Survivor, you’ll know that Bear Grylls is the king of adventure challenges and pushing himself to the limits And now, when you visit the Bear Grylls Experience at the NEC in Birmingham, you can also push yourself to the very limit and conquer your fears.

“The scale of challenges that can be found at the Bear Grylls Adventure are truly mind blowing and our goal is simple: to help you to find the courage & tenacity to conquer some incredible adventure challenges and to leave us empowered and proud.  As a team: we will never give up helping you to achieve the extraordinary.”

Guests will start their adventure at Basecamp, where they will experience 4 action-packed challenges in 90 minutes, designed to test team work skills, brain power, stamina and skill. The 4 challenges are:

BREAK OUT - Escape Room: Crack codes, solve puzzles and break your way out of the themed escape room before the 22-minute deadline elapses. Do you have the knowledge to crack the code?


Break Out - Escape Rooms Bear grylls


TARGETS – Archery: Ultra precision is the name of the game if you want to pass this challenge. You’ll be briefed in the bunker before being let lose on your targets – but will you get a high enough score to make Bear proud?


Archery bear grylls


Survival Maze: Can you keep your nerve as you battle to escape the Survival maze as the walls start to close in?


Survival maze Bear Grylls


Assault Course: Last but not least, test your mettle on the Bear Grylls assault course where you’ll climb, jump and scramble your way over high walls, ropes and more as you battle to complete the course in under 22 minutes.


Assault Course Bear Grylls


After completing Basecamp, guests will move on to their activity of choice – deciding between Climbing, Indoor Skydiving, Shark Diving or High Ropes (or all 4 if you’re feeling brave!).

Climbing: Take on a climbing wall inspired by the most challenging peaks in the world as you aim to conquer the summit.  You will have 60 minutes to experience the summits and explore climbing and bouldering with a group of up to 18 people. Expert instruction and professional training will be provided beforehand, as well as all the safety equipment you’ll need so there's no need to be an expert in climbing before you turn up!




Indoor Skydiving: Next up, you could experience the incredible rush of a freefall at the indoor skydiving experience. You will first be briefed by a highly skilled instructor and given all the necessary equipment to complete your ‘dive’, before heading to the tunnel to experience the equivalent freefall of more than 3 traditional sky dives!   


Indoor Skydiving Bear grylls


Dive: Not for the faint-hearted, this challenge is set to really test your bravery as you’re submerged…in a tank…with sharks. Gulp! Whether you decide to scuba or snorkel, an expert team will take you through everything you need to know to explore this purpose-built environment. You do not need previous dive experience to undertake this challenge, but if you do have a qualification you are welcome to bring your log book.


Shark Diving Bear Grylls


High Ropes: This challenge will test your bravery from the moment you arrive as you’re faced with the prospect of zip sliding down from a Chinook helicopter into the course. There are 36 different challenges over 5 storeys which will require strength, balance and bravery to keep you going as you explore rolling beams, ladder bridges and cross snake steps 20 metres above the ground.


High Ropes


If these challenges sound like something you could conquer, check out the tickets available for this brand-new experience which is suitable for everyone aged 15 and above and of a reasonable (but not exceptional!) fitness level.

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