Family Vacation Disasters and How to Prevent Them

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Vacations are a great way to strengthen the bond with your family. That’s why most people organise family vacations to spend time with the people they love and to escape reality.

Family trips are among the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry.

However, family vacations don’t always go according to plan.

Here are some disastrous events that can happen during a typical family vacation and some helpful ways to prevent them:

The Epidemic

Bacteria is always present, no matter where you go.

If it affects your family, it will surely put a damper on the duration of the vacation. Before leaving for vacation, be sure every member of your family vaccinated.

It’s never a bad idea to go to your family doctor for a regular check up, especially if you’re traveling out of the country.

Do research on your destination and see if there is a common illness currently spreading. Also be sure to apply bug repellants on your skin to avoid bug bites.

Tears Galore

If your child throws a temper tantrum while traveling, don’t think you’re the only parent who goes through this.

It is natural during family vacations, especially if you’re somewhere your kids are not familiar with.

You don’t have to apologise for your child’s behavior, you have to handle to situation just like any other.

Cater to your children’s needs and wants by finding ways to keep them happy and occupied.

Plan some creative and child-friendly activities.

Just let it happen. Sometimes, the best way to end the tantrum is to just let it run its course.

Forgotten Necessities

When going on family vacations, it is inevitable that someone in your group is going to forget something.

Though most of the time you can replace whatever you forgot, you could also take steps to try and avoid the situation all together.

Make a list of things that you need to bring weeks before your family vacation.

This will give you more time to remember about the necessities to include in your travel bag.

When you’re finished finalizing your list, pack your things, ideally days before the trip.

Now, you can double check the things you have packed the day before your trip.

If you still forget something, chances are there’s a store that sells something similar to what you need.

Lost in the Middle of Nowhere

When going on family vacations, especially in foreign countries, some people do not do a lot of research.

Sometimes, this may lead to your family not seeing as much as you wanted to.

This can be avoided by doing your research on the place you wish to go. If you have a friend from that place, ask them for a tour around the town.

It will help you have a full feel of the place.

You could also book some tour packages or use resources ahead of time so that you will not be stressed about not seeing something in particular.

You could also ask locals for recommendations on where to go.

Where is the Sun?

Sometimes the place that we plan to go does not have the best weather for a vacation, which will lead to a vacation indoors.

This could really ruin a vacation for some people and waste a lot of money.

You can avoid this by researching places that will have good weather during the month you wish to travel.

By researching, you can schedule your trip during a time when it is appropriate for your family to get the most out of the trip.

If you’re planning on doing outdoor activities, you want to be sure the weather is going to cooperate.

This also helps with packing for your trip you want to be sure you are comfortable and are packing accordingly.

Horrible Accommodations

Studies say, affordability and value are two of the most important factors in a family vacation.

When looking for an accommodation for a trip, people expect to have the best rooms and the best quality of service, but sometimes, what you expect is usually not what you get.

Adults-only or family all-inclusives have plenty of activities for everyone’s preference and are reasonably priced.

You can ask around, or read reviews by people who have been to the place you’re checking out.

If they have good things to say, you’re probably in the clear.

If a resort isn’t your thing, you could go for a quality hotel that will surely make you feel like you are in paradise.

Way Over the Budget

Sometimes when people go on vacations, they get too carried away and spend too much money.

This may sound good at the moment, but think of the bills you have to pay later on.

You can save money months before your planned family vacation this will let you know you have some money to carelessly spend.

By setting a certain budget for your trip, you can stay within your means.

Do your research, and ask locals for cheap places to go.

Vehicle Mishaps

More than 35% of Americans plan to take a vacation 50 miles or more away from home.

During a road trip with your family, the last thing you need is to run into car trouble.

Before traveling, you should check the condition of your car and make sure it can withstand the distance of the place that you’ll be traveling to.

You should be prepared if anything happens on the road, having a spare tire and a tool box in your trunk is necessary.

You should also have a estimate of how much gas you will need for the entire trip.

Map out how many times you have to stop for gas and be cautious of signs on the road leading to gas stations.

Delayed/Cancelled Flights

Going on a family vacation can get everyone overly excited which isn’t a bad thing.

One major thing that can kill your family’s mood is a delayed or cancelled flight.

Be cautious of the weather the week of your flight.

If you think there’s a good chance the flight will be cancelled, you can go along and book a new one to be safe.

You could also book a flight earlier in the day in order to avoid air traffic.

Just Have Fun

If the family vacation turns out to be a total bust, don’t worry it happens.

Your family will still have memories of the trip, even if it doesn’t turn out like you expected.

By making the best out of the unfortunate situation, you will laugh off all of the meaningless things that happened.

You will also be more prepared for your next family vacation and will be prepared if something goes wrong.

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