The Hunger Games at Disney World, Rumours Circulate

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The Hunger Games at Disney World, Rumours Circulate
Theme park enthusiasts long for The Hunger Games to find a home at Disney World!
The success of the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins novel The Hunger Games causes theme park fans to speculate a possible Hunger Games attraction at Disney World.

The novel trilogy The Hunger Games is possibly the hottest book to film adaptation of the moment. The first film from the novel trilogy hit cinemas on the 23rd March and instantly became a major contender in film history. Smashing box office records, The Hunger Games opening weekend gross was the third largest of all time, behind the Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in first place.We all know that theme parks love a box office smasher to inspire rides and attractions, and it would appear that theme park enthusiasts have appointed Disney World to take on The Hunger Games.

The film has been compared to Harry Potter in terms of its success, which is why theme park fans are speculating, maybe even hoping, that Disney will swoop in and snap up the theme park rights to the film.  And although some forum and discussion board members claim that Disney has already done so, we wouldn’t want those of you with your Disney tickets heading to Disney World expecting to experience a Hunger Games attraction just yet  - this is all just rumour mill. Besides, Disney needs to deal with one blockbuster at a time and right now Imagineers are busy recreating Pandora for the highly anticipated multi-year Avatarland project. 

For now, those awaiting a Hunger Games attraction at the happiest place on earth are best of looking forward to the sequel that will hit cinemas at the end of next year!
If you’re thinking of heading to Orlando to see the world’s greatest films come to life, you might want to check out some Disney tickets!
Disney World , New Attractions , Films

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