The Best Spots to Play Pokemon Go in Orlando

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The Best Spots to Play Pokemon Go in Orlando
If you’re not playing it…where have you been?!
Pokemon Go has swept the nation and has quickly gained more daily users than Twitter. Orlando is the perfect place to catch those rarer Pokemon you've been hunting high and low for...

Pokemon in the Orlando Theme Parks


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SeaWorld has been identified as the ultimate Pokemon hotspot in Orlando and is even holding its own Pokemon Go event on the 23rd July at the parks. So if you’re in the area, be sure to check out the event, as well as the 20 Pokestops, lures and tonnes of water Pokemon you can catch within the park.

Magic Kingdom

There are Pokemon to be found all over the park – from the moment you step onto the tram, to walking through Adventureland and, of course, posing for a photo in front of Cinderella’s castle. Not only are there plenty of the regular Pokemon to be found, there are loads of rarer and more powerful Pokemon to be discovered if you look hard enough!

Universal Orlando

Pokemon Go’s success will mean great things for Universal, who last year formed an alliance with Nintendo  will hopefully be creating plenty of Nintendo-themed (including Pokemon) attractions at the parks in the coming years. Until this happens though, Pokemon fans will have to content themselves with running around the parks catching Pokemon on their smartphones!

Free Spots to Catch Pokemon in Orlando


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Disney Springs

Do a little bit of shopping and grab some lunch (and maybe a Pokemon or 2) in Disney Springs, where there are more than 30 Pokestops to stock up at. You’re sure to bump into a few others doing exactly the same…

I-Drive 360

Not only is there the Orlando Eye, dozens of restaurants and bars to try out on I-Drive 360, there are also a load of Pokemon waiting to be caught! Best of all, it’s free to wander round and catch ‘em all…or as many as you can at least.

Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America is free to get into and has a total of 8 Pokestops to try out. The 14 acres of park is the perfect place to go hunting for Pokemon, but you should check out some of the rides while you’re there too, if you can drag yourself away from that elusive Magikarp.

Good luck Pokemon Masters!

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