Gotta Catch ‘em: Where to catch Pokemon in New York

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Gotta Catch ‘em: Where to catch Pokemon in New York
A guide to the places in New York where you can catch Pokémon
We tell you where you can catch Pokémon in New York as well as the places where rare Pokémon have been found with our easy-to-use map.

In July Pokemon Go was unleased in the UK and since its release the mobile game has become a global phenomenon with gamers trying to catch Pokémon in New York, London and across the rest of the world.

So if you are one of the millions of players using your phone’s GPS location data to catch a Squirtle, Charizard or the famous Pikachu and are heading on holiday to New York then you can still play the game and in the process bolster your collection of Pokemon.

We have created a printable map that highlights where a number of Pokestops and Pokemon gyms are located as well as some places where rare Pokemon have been caught, which include some of the top attractions in New York.

We are also going to discuss how you can play Pokemon Go abroad as well as share where you can find these rare Pokemon.

The handy NYC Pokemon Go Map

New York City Pokemon Go Map

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Where to find rare Pokemon in New York

There is nothing better than catching a rare Pokemon and by utilising items such as incense or a lure module you can attract the little critters to you.

However, whilst you can use the aforementioned techniques, there are also locations where rare Pokemon are said to be hiding. Places near water tend to attract water Pokemon and parks and open areas attract grass-type Pokemon. Here we take you through some of the places where rare Pokemon have been seen and a list of the types of Pokemon found.

Empire State Building

By getting tickets to the Empire State Building you will not just get to take in the incredible views over New York, you can catch some Pokemon at the same time.

·         Meowth

·         Pikachu (at the top of the landmark)

Central Park

Being full of abundant flora means there are a variety of wild and rare Pokemon hiding away in Central Park and Spoiled NYC have revealed some that you can catch.

·         Electabuzz (Bramble and Upper West areas of the park)

·         Flareon (Bramble and Upper West areas of the park)

·         fully-evolved Vileplume (East Side’s Secret Garden)

·         Clefairy (spotted picnicking in the park)

·         Vaporeon

Going on a Central Park bike tour is a great way to get around the park quickly so you can catch all these hiding Pokemon and also hatch those incubating eggs!

Rockefeller Center

Top of the Rock tickets are hugely popular with holidaymakers as the 360 degree unobstructed views you can get are incredible, but there have also been sightings of a number of Pokemon.

·         Eevee

·         Meowth

·         Charizard

Union Square Park

Some seriously super Pokemon have been found at Union Square.

·         Vulpix

·         Ponyta

·         Persian

·         Venemoth

·         Eevee

Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park is also home to a variety of Pokemon.

·         Cloyster

·         Scyther

·         Aerodactyl

·         Gengar

TKTS steps

Lots of people play at TKTS steps so expect lots of lures.

·         Magickarp

·         Zubat

·         Voltorb

WNYC Transmitter Park

As well as a lovely Manhattan skyline view there are lots of water Pokemon to catch too and here are some that have been found in the park.

·         Squirtle

·         Psyduck

·         Magikarp

·         Tentacool

·         Cloyster

Nintendo New York

The New York City HQ for Nintendo is also a great spot to catch Pokemon.

·         Charmander

·         Venonat

·         Tauros

·         Growlithe

Williamsburg Bridge

Catching the train over Williamsburg Bridge is a hotspot for Pokemon according to one commuter on Instagram.

·         Meowth

·         Cubone

·         Exeggcute

·         Koffing

Astoria Park

Being a waterfront park you can expect to capture a wide variety of water Pokemon.

·         Seel

·         Dewgong

·         Krabby

·         Magikarp

·         Goldeen

Community Bookstore

Some customers have found some interesting Pokemon at this bookstore.

·         Charmander

Battery Park

Along the Hudson River, Battery Park has also become a popular stop for Pokemon Go players as there a range of water Pokemon.

·         Squirtle

·         Magikarp

·         Dratini

·         Dragonair

·         Staryu

·         Starmie

·         Chansey

Waldorf Astoria New York

There have been some sightings of some super rare Pokemon at this major landmark in New York.

·         Flareon

·         Rhydon

High Line

If you have been shopping in New York and fancy some fresh air in the park then High Line is a popular park to visit and is unsurprisingly a hotspot for Pokemon to hang out as well.

·         Zubat

·         Krabby

·         Jigglypuff


64th St and West End Ave

This Manhattan location has also been a place where a rare Pokemon has been found.

·         Aerodactyl

New York City Hall

City Hall in Manhattan is now used to a congregation of Pokemon Go players arriving at its door as there have been sightings of some rare Pokemon.

·         Blastoise


Hordes of people have been heading uptown to Harlem as a number of Pokemon have been seen in the neighbourhood.

·         Magmar

·         Ivysaur

·         Pikachu

South Street Seaport, Financial District

Since Pokemon Go was launched there have been a lot of people following their phones in New York’s financial district and with good reason too.

·         Zubat

·         Dodrio

·         Golbat

·         Seadra

·         Electrode

Tips for playing abroad

According to Pocket Lint, Kohei Uchimura, a Japanese gymnast, didn't think about getting an international data plan, so after playing lots of Pokemon Go at the recent Olympics in Rio he was slapped with a bill of £3,700 in roaming charges.

Learn from his mistakes as there are a number of ways you can avoid roaming charges abroad:

·         Get an international data plan

·         Use an unlocked phone

·         Stick to Wi-Fi

·         Set a mobile data limit by downloading a free data-tracking app

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