How to Dress up for Walt Disney World

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How to Dress up for Walt Disney World
Making sure you are dressed properly is the first step to having the most magical time at a Disney Park
Don’t let anything tarnish a magical holiday to a Disney park, ensure that you know the dress codes and how to dress up for Walt Disney World.

Disney parks are a magical destination for fans of all things Disney. It presents you and your loved ones with the chance to meet all of your favourite characters up close and for children this is a great opportunity to replicate the outfits of Buzz and Woody or Snow White and Minnie Mouse.

But for safety reasons you will have to consider the dress codes in place. So once you have booked your Disney theme park tickets and are preparing for the holiday of a lifetime, check out exactly how you can dress up.

What is the dress code for Walt Disney World?


Any trip to Walt Disney World is supposed to be a magical time for the whole family. However, there is a dress code that you are expected to adhere to. If you are visiting with young children then you should focus on comfort and practicality above all else. The likelihood is you’re going to be doing plenty of walking and running around after them. But each park does have particular rules regarding fancy dress, clothes and footwear:


Visiting a Disney park means you and your family come face-to-face with all of your favourite characters. From Elsa and Woody to Micky and Cinderella, your little one might want to dress head-to-toe in their replica outfit.

As long as they are aged 13 and under, this isn’t a problem. Anyone who is older will not be granted entry to a park wearing a costume. This is the same for masks, unless they are required for medical reasons.

Appropriate clothing

This is a happy place and there will be a lot of children running around, so you are not allowed to wear any pieces of clothing that contain any objectionable material, obscene language or graphics. Another thing to be wary of is exposing excessive portions of skin. Particular areas of the body that are exposed can be deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly destination, so take some precautions and dress modestly. The same measures applies to tattoos. That is not to say that all tattoos should be covered, but any that might be seen as unsuitable, for example vulgar language or images.

The rules are also in place for your safety. It will be an active time with the rides, walking and seeing shows, so any excessively torn or loose fitting materials may need to be removed or replaced. Such items can be snagged in rides or present a trip hazard.

Practical clothing

Dressing to impress is one thing, dressing for a comfortable and practical holiday to Walt Disney World is another. You should be prepared to chase, run and keep up with any younger members of your group hungry to try the latest rides and catch their favourite shows.

Considering the age limit on fancy dress, you can get away with donning a pair of comfortable shoes to help carry you around the park. The same can be said for anyone who is dressed up, but do consider bringing some spares along with you.

Full-body costumes

No one should hold back when it comes to dressing up for Disneyland or Disneyworld and you may wish to dress up in a full-body costume. Sadly, these are not allowed. So full length, flowing dresses that drag along the floor for example, would mean that you could be turned away at the gates.

Similarly if you have any significant attachments or “props”. The belief is that anything that looks as if it could conceal something isn’t permitted. So if you were looking to dress up as Wall-E, or R2-D2, then you will likely face some problems. For any budding superhero or capped crusaders then make sure that, like the dresses, they do not fall beneath the knee. This is a safety precaution and is practised for your benefit above all else.

Dressing as a Princess

Your Disney theme park tickets are booked, you have the trip planned and now you just need to decide what your child is going to wear. For young girls one of the best outfits to try out is a princess dress. It will allow them to feel on a par with the likes of Cinderella, Belle and Elsa, without causing any problems that may arise from dressing as a character.

Disney dress code

Walt Disney World is full of enchantment where fairy tales come to life. And visiting The Happiest Place on Earth dressed head to the nines will come with some perks. Not only will they feel and look amazing, they may even receive special attention from the cast members at the park. But perhaps the most memorable will be the pictures you can take and keep forever.

That said, you should weigh it up against the cons of dressing as a princess, or similar. If your children have decided to dress up then consider packing a more comfortable outfit that they can change into when they get hot or find it a little uncomfortable.

Mickey’s Halloween Party

One of Disney’s most popular events, Mickey’s Halloween Party, is a brilliant opportunity to dress up as your favourite character. This is your chance to start getting creative. Join the ghoulish celebrations between September 20th and October 31st as Mickey and his friends welcome you to a night full of fun. Here you can try some trick-or-treating, meet some of the most iconic Disney villains and see the parade down Main Street.

Some rules still apply to Mickey’s Halloween Party, but you have every opportunity to dress as your favourite characters – good or bad. Though make sure you do not have a costume that drags along that ground for safety reasons and do not bring anything that would be considered a weapon.

Walt Disney World tickets

Any trip to a Disney park should be an unforgettable experience, so long as it is for the right reasons. The rules are not in place to control the stream of fun, but for the safety of everyone within the grounds. Your children, young brothers or sisters, nieces or nephews will see their theme park tickets as gold dust and the worst thing that could happen would be an issue regarding your outfits before you even step foot inside.

We hope that this dressing up guide has answered your questions and concerns and will help to make your trip as special as it should be. 

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