Orlando-Based Blogs You Should Be Following

Orlando, Florida
Discover some of the best local bloggers to fuel your Orlando inspiration
If you are looking for the best Orlando based blogs, look no further as we share our favourites, perfect for binging before your Orlando holiday.

Whilst travelling to Orlando is out of the question, for those of us who call the Sunshine State our home from home, we can start to feel a sense of longing from warmer climes, the excitement around every corner and, of course, refreshing Dole Whips.

Although we are unable to transport you to Orlando, we can help bring a little piece of it to you. All around the world, there are bloggers who share aspects of their daily life online, from their favourite recipes to what is going on in their local area. Today, we want to shine a light on some of the best Orlando-based bloggers that you can find online.

Learn more about everyday life in Orlando, perhaps uncover some hidden gems from around the city and certainly read about the parks!

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Orlando Informer

If you’ve been looking for the best Orlando bloggers, you’d have certainly already come across Orlando Informer. A site that can offer you everything you need, Orlando Informer is filled with new stories, recommendations and a whole heap of great advice on the parks.

Taylor is the site owner, the site tells us more about him: “Taylor is a Florida native that has been visiting Orlando’s attractions his entire life. He has had the opportunity to participate in some of the greatest moments in the past 10 years of Universal Orlando’s history, ranging from attending the filming of promotional material in 2006 to the first day of public testing for most of the recent ground-breaking attractions.”

A one-stop-shop for everything Orlando, here you can spend hours reading and planning your next trip. The community of writers really care about the area and strive to offer great advice to all readers. For those who like to be uber-prepared and leave no stone unturned in their research, the Orlando Informer is perfect for you.

Tasty Chomps

Anyone who has ever visited Orlando will know that the food there is one of its highlights. All around the beautiful city you’ll find amazing foodie spots with a range of cultural influences. Tasty Chomps is probably the largest food blog in Central Florida and has been running for over 10 years now aiming to provide people with great food recommendations.

Ricky, the founder of Tasty Chomps, is a large part of Central Florida life and loves to give back to his community, he sits on a lot of local boards and has a real voice in the area. This goes to show that just as much as he loves food, he loves where he lives, and his blog really tries to support local businesses and show them off to the world. He explains why he started Tasty Chomps:

“I decided to begin a food blog here in Orlando to catalogue the different ‘Tasty Chomps’ that I encounter and enjoy each day. I love finding new or different places to eat and exploring different cultures through food.”

As well as his blog, Ricky has authored the book ‘The Food Lovers’ Guide to Orlando’ in which he put some of his thoughts and musings down on paper. If you prefer an offline read, we suggest checking this out, you could even bring it with you on your next visit to Orlando.

American Burger

Scott Joseph

If you've had your fill of Tasty Chomps and are looking for another food guide, Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide can help. Scott started off reviewing Orlando restaurants for newspapers, but now he does so for his online blog. His professional reviewer experience means you can trust what Scott is saying, and you’ll never be given a bad recommendation.

As well as writing restaurant reviews, Scott hosts the Foodster Awards. On his site, he explains: “The Foodsters are an ongoing program to recognize and celebrate culinary excellence in Central Florida. The Foodsters are open to any business with three or fewer locations -- no chains.”

The awards are voted for by the public, and you can view all of the past winners online. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to Floridian dining, then where better than somewhere awarded by the public for being amazing?

David’s Manor

If lifesyle and fashion blogs are more your kind of thing, we think David’s Manor is a great one. Split between Orlando and New York, lifestyle and fashion blogger David loves nothing more than the finer things in life, and his blog can help you uncover some of the trendiest spots in town.

David blogs about fashion, food and lifestyle, as well as his travels and some of the events he attends. To get a taste of what you can expect, here is a snippet from David’s blog about Epcot International Festival of Arts preview he attended in early 2020: “This jovial occasion is meant to celebrate the elaborate visuals, culinary creations and performing arts from cultures all across the globe. From murals drawn out of chalk on the sidewalks, to large paintings and sculptures on full display inside many of Epcot’s intricate gardens, the Epcot Festival of Arts is the perfect event to increase your creative palette and diversify your home’s artwork.”


Although not a traditional blog, this isn’t one we could leave off of the list. DaFoodie describes their mission as: “to share the love of food. From the mom and pop eateries and gourmet food trucks who are looking to lure customers away from the chains, to the higher calibre dining restaurants that are putting our city on the map as a destination for foodies, Dafoodie will help you discover the tastiest dishes in Orlando.”

If you are looking for the hottest local food recommendations, take a look at this visual site and see the image that takes your fancy. As opposed to regular blog posts, DaFoodie purely shares images of the dishes they discover and offer inspiration as to where you can visit whilst in the city, letting you make up your own mind.

If you love looking at images of food online and are the type of person to have picked the meal you want off of the menu before you even arrive at a restaurant, this site is for you!

And there you have it, a few of the Orlando bloggers we hope can help you bridge the gap until you next buy Walt Disney World tickets and journey across the pond!

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