4 Things You Need to Know about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

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Konzeptgrafik eines länglichen Bootes, das durch eine Wasserbahn fährt, vorbei an Prinzessin Tiana und Waldbewohnern, die Instrumente spielen
Opening this summer in Magic Kingdom Park
Everything we know about the Resort’s newest attraction, including that all important opening date.

It’s been over a year since Splash Mountain closed at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, but it’s not long now until the highly anticipated Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be opening in its place. Located in the heart of Frontierland in Magic Kingdom Park, this attraction will have all the same thrills as Splash Mountain once had (so yes, you are pretty much guaranteed to get wet!) but with the addition of brand-new story elements starring Tiana, Louis, and all their friends from The Princess and the Frog

Here’s everything you need to know about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure: 


1. When does Tiana’s Bayou Adventure open? 

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be opening at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on June 28th! Yes, that means anyone visiting during the UK summer holidays will have the chance to ride this reimagined attraction! 


2. What is the story of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? 

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure takes place after the events of The Princess and the Frog. That means it will feature all the Characters you know and love from the film, plus a few new faces! 

The attraction will follow Princess Tiana as she gets ready to throw a big Mardi Gras party, but after a mix up between Prince Naveen and Louis she finds herself in need of a band at the last minute. As you make your way through the bayou you’ll come across some talented musical critters, playing instruments like the fiddle, accordion, and washboard. 

And of course, the eccentric Mama Odie will be at the centre of it all, accompanying you on your magical journey. 


Concept art of Mama Odie from the Princess and the Frog in Tiana's Bayou Adventure


3. How can you ride Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? 

When Tiana’s Bayou Adventure first opens at Walt Disney World Resort, there will be two ways for you to experience the attraction: 

  • Disney Genie+ Service - Guests who purchase Disney Genie+ for their day in Magic Kingdom Park will have the opportunity to make a Lightning Lane selection. These are available to book from 7am on a first-come first-served basis. 
  • Virtual Queue - Guests can also request to join a virtual queue at one of two times during the day; 7am or 1pm. These are free of charge, and reservations will be on a first-come first-served basis. 

There will not be a standby queue when Tiana’s Bayou Adventure first opens, however it’s anticipated that it won’t be long before one opens. 


4. Can you meet Tiana at the attraction? 

While Tiana won’t be meeting guests at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, any fans of the princess can meet her, alongside one of her royal friends, at Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland

To celebrate The Princess and the Frog even more, Tiana’s Famous Beignets topped with honey and powdered sugar will be served up at Golden Oak Outpost and The Friar’s Nook. Themed merchandise will also be available to purchase at the Emporium on Main Street U.S.A. and at the Critter Co-Op in Frontierland once the attraction is open, so you can buy some souvenirs to remember your first ride on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure! 


A young girl wearing pink Minnie Mouse ears holding hands with Princess Tiana


Now you’re fully prepared to experience Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the only thing left to do is book your Disney Magic Tickets if you haven’t already! 

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will also be coming to Disneyland Resort in California later this year, so stay tuned for news on that opening date!


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