The Magic of Proposals at Walt Disney World

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The Magic of Proposals at Walt Disney World
Proposals at Disney World
Do you dream of getting engaged at Disney World, or are you looking to organise a magical proposal for your loved one? If so, our top tips can help!

Whether you’re searching for inspiration, or are simply dreaming about how you wish to be proposed to, with help from our Disney and engagement experts, you can learn all about the magic of proposals at Walt Disney World.

Disney films are filled with romance and chivalry, so it’s no wonder that many people wish for a proposal at one of the most enchanted places in the world. From the iconic Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, or Disneyland in Tokyo, to the spectacular fireworks displays, there are many backdrops for making a proposal that will be unforgettable for your other half.

Disney proposal with fireworks

This article is full of tips and information on how to create that perfect moment, once you’ve organised your Disney World tickets.

Make your proposal unique


As mentioned above, there are images and situations that immediately come to mind when imagining a proposal at Disney World, but it’s important to make sure that you steer away from these in order for your engagement proposal to be extra special. Here, some of our experts reiterate why this is important, alongside ideas for personalising your proposal.

-          “Avoid clichés - If you search the Internet for images of Disneyland proposals, one you will see more than any other is a man proposing in front of the Disney Castle.  Disneyland is a very popular proposal location so you want to make sure you are original and you don't propose like everyone else.”The Heart Bandits, Marriage Proposal and Romantic Event Planners

-          “If I had to offer some advice and tips for someone wishing to propose at Walt Disney World, I would first and foremost say think outside of the box a little bit. Certain restaurants, such as Cinderella's Royal Table, offer a special dining experience that includes a customized glass slipper presented on a bed of rose petals, which will help make your proposal even more magical. Disney is willing to work with you to make your proposal exactly what you want it to be.”– Danielle, expert Disney blogger at It’s a Great Blog After All

Disney hotel room

-          “Make your proposal personalised- have a think about how you can make it make special. Perhaps you girlfriend loved Cinderella growing up and nowadays has an obsession with shoes? Why not amalgamate the two ideas by proposing with a gorgeous pair of shoes (glass slipper optional) which has the ring attached?”The One Romance, Luxury Romance Planners

Plan, plan, plan


While we’re sure many of you are determined to plan every single detail, it’s vital that you are 100 per cent prepared before proposing. Whether this means confirming certain elements are permitted by the park staff, or getting people to be in the right place at the right time, planning is everything and should be thought out in advance very carefully.

-          “Go through every plan of your proposal and make sure you have thought of everything that may come up. If you plan on asking a character to be a part of your moment, what will you do if they say no? If you plan on proposing at a specific area of the park, how will you handle it if there is already someone there doing the same thing? How will you hide your engagement ring box on the day of so she doesn't suspect anything? Consider buying a thin engagement ring box, so that the ring goes undetected.”

-          “Disney has rules about what is and is not allowed in the park. When you are planning your proposal, you will want to make sure you read their rules so you don't do something that is prohibited. You don't want to get stopped in the middle of your proposal!”– The Heart Bandits

-          “The best advice is to plan ahead. My husband Courtney and I shoot together so it is great to get both the reactions from both parties. We check out the location ahead of time and stay in touch with the person proposing - sometimes even having a fake contact (like Bank of America) in their phone so they can text or call without raising suspicions. We give ideas and suggestions to the best place and lighting to bend on one knee and we always get there early. Give us time to get that special emotional moment, surprise and tears before jumping up - it will be over in a minute depending on the words chosen!”– Kelly, professional photographer from The Canovas Photography

-          “If you want to propose with a flash mob at Disney World then make sure you have permission to do it. As Proposal Planners we take this stress away from you by making sure we get all the permission necessary to have loud music and dancers. The last thing you want to worry about is anything going wrong.”

-          “Hire a Proposal Planner - proposing is one of the most important things you will ever do so get it right by hiring in an expert. At The One Romance we plan luxury proposals that are tailored to the couple and we never arrange the same proposal twice. By having a Proposal Planner to help you, it means you can relax and enjoy the moment, whilst we make sure everything goes without a hitch.”– The One Romance

Capture your magical moment


As one of the most special occasions in your lifetime, you will be extremely grateful if you are able to remember this life event with photographs. Although it is another thing that you will have to consider planning, there a number of fantastic photographers available, who are experienced in keeping everything a secret, while still capturing all the precious moments.

-          “Another bit of advice I have would be to hire a photographer. I promise you, these will be some of your favourite photos ever, and you will want to remember every single minute. Make it an event, not just a quick proposal in front of a castle. Make her feel a part of the magic. You can go to the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings website to check out some ideas, or contact someone with your very own ideas! YouTube is a good reference for Disney proposal videos. Make sure you make it personal for your princess.”– Danielle, It’s a Great Blog After All

Proposal at the Magic Kingdom

-          “Whenever we plan a proposal we always encourage clients to hire a videographer or photographer. When you propose you will both be so swept up in the details that you are unlikely to take everything in, but if you have a hidden photographer snapping away then you can have the memories to keep forever.”– The One Romance

-           “After 5 years of photographing happy moments, we know how to get that special "moment between the moment." Very important when it comes to wedding proposals. We have the very nervous groom-to-be and the unsuspecting one who will soon (hopefully) be saying ‘yes!’ to take care of. Some of our favourite images have been proposals at Disney. One from the romantic balcony overlooking the Magic Kingdom and another after a private dinner at the Grand Floridian Resort as the fireworks were going off behind them. One even had a video camera in the ring box that captured it all on video! We have done proposals at the airport, restaurants and at parks. The one getting proposed to is always surprised and thrilled that we were there to capture the moment, most never knew we were there until the last second.”– Kelly, The Canovas Photography

Engagement ring camera



For all the Disney proposal hopefuls, we’ve got both an insider’s experience, as well as some ideas to get you started. Here, Sarah from Friday is Forever tells us about her magical Disney proposal experience.

“Dan couldn't hold a secret and managed to leak that he'd booked Disneyland way back in October, so we'd been waiting for what feels like forever for the trip to come around. A secret he did manage to keep though, is that he'd been planning to propose.

Cliché perhaps that Dan proposed the night before Valentines, overlooking the Disney castle in an empty 5* restaurant, but there was nothing cliché about the bumbling mess he turned into as I shrunk down into my chair to get to his level as he refused to stand up, haha.”Sarah

Also, if that hasn’t inspired you, The One Romance, and Bibbidi Bobbidi Bride provides some alternative concepts below.

“If you want to propose away from the crowds then why not take a picnic to eat within the grounds. But this should be no ordinary picnic- include cute details like Mickey Mouse shaped sandwiches, cupcakes with Aladdin’s lamp on and love notes places in the picnic basket. To make it even more special why not hire a singer to sing her favourite Disney Song as you get down on one knee.”– The One Romance

“Disney proposals are always magical, but personally I love to see the creative ones. My favourite proposal at Walt Disney World to date is this one that took place on the Tower of Terror. That Groom really had it right! As a blog editor and Disney lover, I would love to see someone propose on Aladdin's magic carpets ride at Magic Kingdom, at the Laua at the Polynesian Resort, in front of the Eiffel Tower in the France Pavilion at Epcot, or in the wedding gazebo at Disney's Yacht Club Resort (that actually where my husband and I got married). The flying carpets would be the best though...I mean it's SO DISNEY!– Dawn at Bibbidi Bobbidi Bride

Once you’ve got your Disney proposal just right, don’t forget that you can also get married there too! However, we’ll save that for another post.

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