Healthy Eating Options at Universal Orlando Resort

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Healthy Eating Options at Universal Orlando Resort
Check out these delicious healthy treats to test out...
Orlando is not just about unhealthy food, there are so many great tasty and healthy dishes to try!

We all love to over-indulge on holiday, especially when we’re in Orlando where delicious food is all around us. Sometimes though, you’ll want to take it easy and balance out all the indulgence with a few healthy options and maybe re-acquaint yourself with some vegetables and salad options!

We’ve got the low down on where the best spots are to grab a healthy option on the go and in the table services restaurants throughout the Universal Orlando Resort…


All of the resort hotel breakfast dining venues will have fruit, yoghurt and granola on offer, as well as healthy hot options such as porridge, omelettes (just don’t go too heavy on the cheese!) and wholemeal bagels. Just try to avoid going back for seconds or even thirds…

In the parks, you can grab a light breakfast on the go from the cart opposite Ollivander’s at Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The carts are stocked with fresh fruit, water, juice and croissants so it’s the perfect breakfast to take with you as you enjoy the park in the early morning, before it gets busy. It also means you won’t be too full before you take on Escape from Gringotts!

Lunch or Dinner

The Beverley Hills Boulangerie at Universal Studios Florida does a great deal on soup & salad which is not only healthy but affordable too, at just over $6. You’ll find the Boulangerie just inside the gates so it’s easy to locate. For a hot meal that won’t break the scales, head over to Lombarde’s Seafood Grille for the Portobello Quinoa – oven roasted mushroom slices topped with cheese (you are on holiday after all!) and served with quinoa and vegetables – which is also gluten free and vegetarian.

Over at Islands of Adventure, if you want a hot meal but not all the calories that go with it, head to Mythos Restaurant for a plate filled with delicious pan-roasted salmon, spicy tomato-fennel broth, russet potato purée and grilled rapini (a green vegetable similar to broccoli!). For something a little lighter, go for the Rotisserie Chicken Salad at Thunder Falls Café, which is served with green vegetables and a light vinaigrette instead of the normal fries!


Mythos Salmon

Pan-roasted salmon at Mythos Restaurant. Photo credit:

If you’re at CityWalk, head to The Cowfish for some delicious fresh sushi and sashimi which is tasty and low-calorie. There are more than 25 options to choose from on the sushi menu, so there’s plenty to get started on. And, if there are fussy eaters in your party, they can always enjoy a burger instead! If you’re not a sushi fan at all, check out Margaritaville for some delicious chicken served with rice and corn….yum!


Snacks by their very nature aren’t meant to be healthy, but there are a few healthy snack options to choose from at Universal Orlando Resort. Fruit cups are everywhere and make a great on-the-go snack for busy theme park-goers. You can even be good when it comes to cooling off, by opting for a sorbet scoop over ice cream (and don’t worry, you won’t have to compromise on taste!).

Extra Tips for Eating Healthy at Universal Orlando

Portions sizes are huge in Orlando, so don’t feel like you need to eat it all! Either trust your own will power and don’t over eat, or ask if the restaurant offer a healthy side option such as a green salad to substitute the fries that come with most meals. Alternatively, order the normal portion size and split it between 2 – not only will your calorie intake be halved (while still being full), your bill will be halved too!

When ordering a salad, make sure to ask for the dressing on the side, which your serve will be happy to do for you. It avoids you having to scrape a mountain of creamy dressing off your salad later (or not scraping it off at all!).

Another great tip is to bring your own fruit and small snacks into the park to stop you being tempted every day by the abundance of high-calorie snacks on offer. Although, of course, a little ice cream once in a while never hurt anyone…

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