Which of the Seven Dwarfs Are You Most Like?

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Which of the Seven Dwarfs Are You Most Like?
Are you Happy, Sneezy, Dopey or Bashful?
It's 2014! The year the soon to be launched Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride will complete Disney World's epic Magic Kingdom expansion, New Fantasyland. To get you geared up and ready for the Snow White themed attraction, we're indulging in some Snow White trivia. For today's Tuesday Trivia we want to know which of the dwarfs you fancy yourself to be!


If you're shy and coy, then indeed you are probably most like Bashful. You're likely to be a romantic, who loves the thought of falling in love and enjoys a good love story. 




Although most won't own up to the fact that they are grumpy, there are some positives to being like this particular Dwarf. Grumpy is intelligent, competent and brave. Although he tries to disguise it, he is also compassionate. However, till Grumpy redeems himself, he appears to be slightly misogynistic,  displaying  a distinct distrust for women at the beginning of the film - believing that they are of evil intentions and capable of black magic. He also annoys easily and has a distaste for Dopey's playfulness, Sneezy's sneezes and Bashful's shyness.



If you consider yourself to be a natural leader  and the eldest of your friendship group then you might find you have some similarities with Doc. His glasses suggest that he's the eldest of the group and the leader of the gang. As a medically trained doctor he's well educated and able to make decisions quickly.  Having said that, Doc is often flustered and muddles his words frequently.



If you can never seem to catch enough zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs and are always longing for a few more extra hours sleep, then you probably have a lot in common. Despite always nodding and being a little lazy, Sleepy is the most perceptive and insightful of the dwarfs.



Dopey is the most memorable dwarfs. If you're the friend in the group that always stands out and has something different to bring to the table, you could indeed find yourself to be pretty similar ro Dopey. Of course it is arguable that Dopey is so memroable because of all the chaos he causes with his clumsinnes. Nevertheless, he's playful and silly and that can't be too bad to have around with the likes of Grumpy in the vicinity.



Poor Sneezy acquires his alias due to his severe hayfever. He is one of the friendlier dwarfs and although he might not be as playful as Dopey,  he is happy to entertain Dopey's playful and silly ways more so than the other dwarfs.



We wanted to leave you on a happy note! If you're a naturally high spirited and happy person, then you've guessed it - you probably have a similar character to Happy and who wouldn't want to? Happy is the friendliest of all the seven dwarfs. He's lively, cheerful, he enjoys a good sing along and loves food. He's definitely our favourite! 

It's only a matter of time now till you'll be able to hop on board a mine train with the much loved Seven Dwarfs. Keep checking back at the Attraction Tickets Direct Latest News for the launch date of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster. Till then, why not check out our range of Disney tickets and start gearing yourelf up for this brand new attraction coming to Disney World's New Fantasyland.

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New Attractions , Fun , Seven Dwarfs Mine Train , Walt Disney World , Disney Characters , New Attractions 2014 , Trivia

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