The Top 5 Most Romantic Disney Movie Moments!

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The Top 5 Most Romantic Disney Movie Moments!
Let Disney’s most romantic movie moments inspire your Valentine’s gestures this year...
Whether you’re planning to make a visit to Disney World for Valentine’s Day with your loved one or not, there are a number of great romantic Disney movie moments that you can draw upon for some Valentine’s inspiration.

Admittedly not everyone goes all out for Valentine’s Day and although showing the person we love how appreciated they are shouldn’t be exclusive to one day of the year, the girls amongst us surely wouldn’t mind being spoilt and made to feel extra special for twenty four hours! And of course, girls can make their partners buzz with love too!

Although it’s pretty hard to top a Valentine’s Day spent at Disney World, unless there’s a marriage proposal involved. However, if you can’t be at Disney World for this celebration of love and romance, why not have a Disney inspired Valentine’s Day at home?  Disney is famous for animating the most romantic of fairytales, creating beautiful tear jerking love stories with scenes that never quite leave our hearts. 
Allow the most romantic Disney movie moments animate your Valentine’s Day gestures this year!
1 - Beauty and the Beast, the Walt Disney Classic 
Beauty and the Beast, thirtieth in the animated Walt Disney Classic series, based on the fairy tale La Belle et La Bete by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont.  This may not enthuse the most unique of Valentine’s Day gestures, but dressing up, dinner and dancing, although simple, can be just a special and as romantic as the most elaborate of gestures. For this very reason, we have to give it to the Beast for the scene when he and Belle descend the giant double staircase in his suggestive secluded castle and swoop around the grand ballroom beneath that beautiful chandelier as Beast leads her in a romantic dance. This has to rank number one on our romantic movie moments. It’s classic, yet extraordinary (also, have we mentioned that this is our favourite Disney movie?!)      
2 - Up
Up, the Disney Pixar computer animated movie, released in 2009, is an unlikely contender on our most romantic movie moments you might be thinking. But ultimately, the most romantic gesture of all is making the commitment to building your life and growing old with your significant other. So the montage scene of Carl and Ellie’s life together, from the happy beginning to the sad and unfortunate end in Disney Pixar’s Up comes second in our most romantic movie moments. Within this very moving scene in the film we travel on a journey of love, loss and heartache that can’t help but pull on our heart strings.   
3 - Tangled
Tangled, the 50th Walt Disney Animated Classic, originally released in November 2010, adapted from the German fairytale Rapunzel, written by the kings of fairy-telling the Brothers Grimm.  Who would say no to that magical moment in Tangled when Flynn Rider and Rapunzel officially fall in love on a gondola, set against the backdrop of floating lanterns lighting up the night sky? Do we hear Venice calling?  This ranks third on Attraction Tickets Direct’s romantic movie moments.
4 - Lady and the Tramp
We have no doubt that you can already guess our most romantic movie moment in Lady and the Tramp – it’s possibly the world’s favourite Lady and the Tramp moment! So, although it needs no introduction, the spaghetti scene is indeed a romantic movie moment that’ll probably never leave our hearts. Although it might not be so easy to accidentally share a string of spaghetti with your loved one, sharing a romantic meal in an Italian restaurant always goes down nicely. After all, the Italian cuisine, and the sheer act of enjoying a meal with someone, is an essential gesture of love in Italy.
5 - Cinderella
There’s no better way to a girl’s heart than her feet! Yes, her feet! Most of the girls amongst us will have a love affair with our shoes. In Disney’s Cinderella it is indeed, the glass slipper that begins Cinderella’s happily ever after. Our most romantic movie moment in this rags to riches fairytale is that triumphant moment when Cinderella takes the glass slipper from her pocket and the Prince’s footman slips the shoe on, revealing a perfect fit. It’s at this point in the movie when we know that the love between Cinderella and the Prince will rescue her from the terrible life she is confined to with her wicked step mother and sisters.  
If you are one of the lucky ones headed to Disney World, why not head to Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland and reenact scenes from our number one romantic Disney movie moment at the Be Our Guest restaurant inside the Beast's castle. Check out our range of tickets that'll grant you access to Disney World for your Valentine's Day 2013!
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