Top 5 Thrill Rides at Disneyland Paris

Top 5 Thrill Rides at Disneyland Paris
If you’ve come seeking thrills, then you’ve come to the right place.
We have chosen our top 5 essential thrill rides at Disneyland Paris that are sure to satisfy the daredevil in you…

Tower of terror


At Walt Disney Studios: The Production Lot

If being struck by lightning and then plunging 13 floors inside an elevator shaft in a derelict Art Deco era hotel doesn’t scare you then nothing will.

Height restriction: 1.02m



At Disneyland Park: Discoveryland

There’s nothing like being rocketed into space… except if you’re riding Space Mountain (that’s probably true). Maybe you will discover new life while you’re out there. Maybe you’ll rediscover your lunch as the 1000 meter track takes you through asteroid belts and supernovas – sometimes upside down.

Height restriction: 1.32m



At Walt Disney Studios: Toon Studio

RC Racer is one of those devious Disney rides that kind of look sweet and innocent – just look at that cute remote-controlled car you ride in.  In reality, this ride offers an exhilarating experience. It turns out that (thrill-seeking) heaven really is a halfpipe.

Height restriction: 1.20m



At Walt Disney Studios: Toon Studio

Hop on a turtle’s back as if you were riding the East Australian Current yourself. However, this rollercoaster ride comes with a twist – you think it’s going to be a smooth ride, but when the rollercoaster kicks in, you start spinning on the track!

Height restriction: 1.07m



At Walt Disney Studios: Backlot

Walk this way… and then speed off in 2.8 seconds at 100km/h into the darkness with rock music playing in your ears. This ride will disorientate you as your ‘Soundtracker’ vehicle takes on loops and speeds that will ensure the G-Force holds your smile in place the whole time – pure thrill-seeking fun.

Height restriction: 1.20m 


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