Where to Meet the Disney Princesses at Walt Disney World

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Where to Meet the Disney Princesses at Walt Disney World
Save time and avoid disappointment with our helpful Disney princess guide!

Last week, we told you where the best places to meet your favourite Disney pals was, and this week it's the turn of the Disney princesses! We know that meeting the princesses can be the highlight of your holiday, so we've put together a guide on how to meet as many characters while avoiding long lines! 

Anna and Elsa

Frozen meet and greet



At Magic Kingdom: There’s only one place to meet the Frozen princesses, and that’s at the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall. The princesses are an exclusive and popular meet and greet, so it makes sense to use one of your FastPass reservations to avoid long queue times and to make sure you don’t leave disappointed.


At Magic Kingdom: The beautiful princess Cinderella awaits guests in the Princess Fairytale Hall at the Magic Kingdom as well, so it makes sense to meet all your favourite princesses at once! Magical moments like this are what make your trip to Walt Disney World memorable, so don’t forget your camera and autograph book. If you’d like a more intimate meet and greet, why not book a table at Cinderella’s Royal Table, where you’ll get a photo with the princess before you sit down, as well as a delicious gourmet meal inside the castle. Make sure to book this one as early as possible.

At Epcot: Another chance to meet Cinderella comes at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, where you can enjoy a delicious authentic Norwegian meal for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as getting a chance to meet the princess.


Ariel character meet


At Magic Kingdom: The Little Mermaid has made Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom her underwater paradise, where she’s ready and waiting to welcome guests into her secret grotto! To be part of her world, you can use one of your FastPass reservations to make sure you get that big hug from The Little Mermaid in her mermaid form. If you’d like to meet Ariel in her human form, you can do so by booking a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table (which as a bonus also includes a photo package with Cinderella!).

At Epcot: Ariel joins Cinderella at theAkershus Royal Banquet Hall in her human form, signing autographs and stopping for a photo opportunity!


Rapunzel character meet


At Magic Kingdom: Rapunzel joins Cinderella at the Princess Fairytale hall for a meet and greet with both these beautiful princesses! Remember you can Fastpass this character meet to save on waiting time.

Snow White


At Magic Kingdom: You can find Snow White walking aroundin the Town Square (normally in front of the Theatre) waiting to give out hugs and autographs to all her firmest friends.

At Epcot: Snow White is exploring the beautiful little hamlets in the Germany area of the World Showcase at Epcot. If you can find her, make sure you stop for a photo!


Enchanted Tales with Belle meet and greet

Photo: Ellie Steadman / @elliesteadman

At Magic Kingdom: You can grab a photo with Belle (although not an autograph at this location) at the interactive show ‘Enchanted Tales with Belle’ at the Magic Kingdom. If you want to see Belle in her beautiful gold ball gown, without having to make a meal reservation, this is the perfect opportunity. You can make use of the FastPass system to avoid waiting a long time for this character greet.

At Epcot: Belle awaits you in her classic blue smock in the France Pavilion at Epcot. Here’s you can get a picture AND an autograph from the beautiful Belle, who greets guests from 11am each day. Try and arrive early to avoid the busiest periods! Once again the Aaskerhus Royal Banquet Hall is the place to meet the princesses, as Belle serves as the official greeter of the evening, making this another great opportunity to meet Belle at Epcot.


Pocahontas character greet


At Animal Kingdom: Seek out beautiful Pocahontas on Discovery Island at the Animal Kingdom where she appears several times daily. She meets near the Tree of Life, but if you’re unsure of how to find her or any of the other characters, a park employee will be able to point you in the right direction.

Princess Jasmine

Jasmine character meet

At The Magic Kingdom: Adventureland is where you’ll find the gorgeous Princess Jasmine with her Prince Aladdin! Meet and greets start at 9:30am, and are usually kicked off by a magic carpet ride for one lucky little guest! Make sure to arrive early so as not to miss it. Jasmine also joins Cinderella and Ariel at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the castle.

At Epcot: The Morocco Pavilion is Princess Jasmine’s domain, where she’ll be welcoming guests along with her beau, Aladdin!

At Hollywood Studios: if you’re lucky you might spot Jasmine and co at the Character Palooza. If you don’t want to leave it to chance though, you’re best off attending one of the other meet and greets.


Mulan Character Greet

Photo: Ellie Steadman / @elliesteadman

At Epcot: Where else would Mulan be than at the China Pavilion at Epcot?! She appears at regular intervals to sign autographs, take photos and dish out warm huge besides the temple or in front of the pavilion itself. If you time it carefully, you can also see the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats who also appear outside the pavilion at the same time. Mulan also makes an appearance at the Akerhus Royal Banquet Hall for dining guests.

Princess Aurora

Aurora character meet and greet


At Magic Kingdom: Aurora comes to the Town Square at Magic Kingdom in the afternoon, where you can find her at City Hall. She’s also on hand dishing out smiles and autographs at Cinderella’s Royal Table dining experience inside the castle.

At Epcot: Probably the best place to meet Princess Aurora is at the France Pavilion of Epcot. You’ll rarely have to wait more than 20 minutes for a photo with the beautiful princess, and it’s sure to have a beautiful back drop as well! Aurora also makes an appearance at the Akerhus Royal Banquet Hall for dining guests.

Princess Tiana


At Magic Kingdom: To meet princess Tiana, head to Heritage House in Liberty Square where she conducts an open air meet and greet! If you find her in the mornings she appears alone, but she’s joined by Naveen in the evening.



At The Magic Kingdom: The only place you can find Merida is by the castle at The Magic Kingdom (towards the right of the castle) in the Fairy Tale Garden. It’s worth checking the Magic Kingdom Times Guide to be completely sure you don’t miss her!

Remember, if you're ever unsure of where to meet your favourite Disney characters, you can ask a member of staff, who will be happy to help point you in the right direction! 

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