Top 7 Things to Do at Fun Spot America with Your $25 Gift Card

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Top 7 Things to Do at Fun Spot America with Your $25 Gift Card
Enjoy an afternoon on us!
Here's how to make the most of your $25 gift card to this amazing extra park...

A $25 gift card to FunSpot Orlando can get you a long way. The card can be spent on attractions or food so there's plenty of ways to enjoy a cheap or even free afternoon in Orlando. Here's the run-down of our favourites...

1. Make friends with an alligator at Gator Spot ($6)


Albino alligator Fun Spot


The park has partnered up with Gatorland to bring an epic gator experience to Fun Spot, where you can now find more than 100 alligators all of different sizes! With $6 of your gift card money you can get up close to the gators, see a rare blue-eyed albino alligator called Bouya Blan and even pose for a photo holding a baby alligator.

2. Battle it out on the Go-Karts ($9)


Go Karts Fun Spot


One of our customers’ favourite things to do at the parks, the 4 different go-kart tracks are really good fun and are sure to keep the kids entertained (and the big kids too!). Two spins on the tracks will leave you pumped with adrenaline and with enough credit left over to treat yourself to an ice cream!

3. Scream your head off an old-fashioned wooden coaster ($9)



If you’ve never been on a wooden rollercoaster, you’ll soon see why they’re such a unique ride experience very quickly. The bumpiness of the wooden rollercoaster White Lightning at Fun Spot makes for a much more intense and thrilling ride than the smoother metal coasters in some theme parks fans eyes– definitely one not to miss! And, best of all, with our $25 gift card, you can experience all of 1-3 on this list without ever having to spend a penny.

4. Swing from 250ft in the air ($30-$40)


Skycoaster Fun Spot


Fun Spot is home to the infamous Skycoaster – an insane new style of rollercoaster that is the ‘closest thing to jumping out of a plane besides jumping out of a plane’. If that sounds like it would be right up your alley, you can put the $25 gift card towards a ride on this one of a kind attraction. It’s normally $40 for a single rider, $35 each for riders riding in pairs and $30 each if you’re riding as a trio. There’s really nothing else like it in Orlando!

5. Cool off on the Bumper Boats ($3)



If you want to get absolutely soaked and beat the heat of a hot day, the bumper boats at Fun Spot are perfect! You can bump the floating boats together and use personal water guns to spray the other guests so you’re sure to get very wet. Don’t worry though, in the tropical weather of the summer months you’ll be dry within minutes!

6. Grab some carnival food

You can use your Fun Spot gift card to buy food at the parks too, and there are plenty of snack options to choose from. Ice cream, popcorn and your usual carnival-style fare are on offer so you’ll be able to stock up on quite a few treats for $25! Maybe go on the rides first before gorging on all that ice cream though…

7. Let the kids go crazy


Rollercoasters Fun Spot America


One of our favourite things about Fun Spot is that it’s free to go in. This means that if the adults, be it parents or even grandparents, would prefer to stand and watch the little ones go crazy for the park’s attractions, they don’t need to pay a cent to get in. 

Think that Fun Spot sounds like good....well, fun? Browse our great-value range of tickets, click here.

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