Ihu's Breakaway Falls - Opens May 9th

Ihu's Breakaway Falls - Opens May 9th
Get ready for the biggest ride of it's kind
Aquatica, SeaWorld Orlando's water park is set to open one of the most spectacular slides in Orlando, that will have riders enjoying a unique and terrifying experience...

On May 9th, the spectacular Ihu's Breakaway Falls will be opening at Aquatica Orlando, offering the highest slide of it's kind in the Sunshine State. 

The excitement began back in September, when a height test balloon was launched into the skies above Aquatica, accompanied by the hashtag #NothingTaller - this was their way of announcing plans for the tallest, steepest, multi-slide, drop tower water ride!

Since then, there have been a series of teasers leading up to the big reveal and it was well worth the wait! 

The finished ride, will see four slides stood 80 foot above the park, with riders facing each other at the top to add to the excitement. Three of the four are clear, with a transparent floor below their feet that drops to release them down the slide. The twist however, is that the floors drop at random, so you'll have no idea who will be hurtling down the initial 27-40 foot drop and into a 360 degree spiral first! Oh, and did we mention that you'll be hitting speeds of up to 20-24 foot per second? Yep, this is one for thrill seekers!

Those who have visited Wet 'n Wild Orlando will be familiar with the dropping floor style of ride, that features on the Bomb Bay slide, however we can't help but think that the multi-person element will make Ihu's Breakaway Falls even more exciting. Plus, with the slides ranging in length from 377 to 400 foot, these slides aren't short in length either.

If you were wondering about the name, then we can shed some light on that too. The attractions at Aquatica are all named after characters and this is no different. Named after Ihu (pronounced Ee-hoo), a Gecko, who along with his colourful friends, will be on hand for photo opportunities around the park, whether you're brave enough to ride or not!

Aquatica's Ihu's Breakaway Falls officially opens the 9th May. Now the opening dates are in, get those Orlando attraction tickets in and start planning your Orlando theme park experience with Attraction Tickets Direct!