Five Things You Can Only Experience in Dubai!

Dubai , Dubai , Burj Khalifa , Aquaventure , Burj Al Arab , Atlantis the Palm , Dubai Water Parks
Five Things You Can Only Experience in Dubai!
Take a look at these five amazing experiences exclusive to Dubai!
There is nowhere on earth quite like Dubai! It’s a unique city where anything is possible and the dazzling new high rise can be enjoyed along with amazing history and natural attractions with many experiences that can’t be found anywhere else on earth…
1) Take in the views from the world’s highest building
The iconic Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building standing at an incredible 2,722 foot tall, making it more than double the height of New York’s Empire State Building. It’s sleek and stunning design can be seen from all over Dubai and the views from the 124th floor observation deck are equally impressive. 
At just under 1,500ft up you can see for miles, although when the cloud cover is low, the views of the tips of other nearby skyscrapers such as the nearby Emirates Towers – standing at a relatively modest 1,165ft – popping through the clouds can be just as amazing.
2) Enjoy a 7-Star afternoon tea
The building that really put Dubai on the map, the Burj Al Arab, is the so-called ‘World’s Only 7-Star Hotel’ and whilst this may not be officially recognised, it is certainly easy to see where they are coming from.
Set on its own private island 280m from the shore, it stretches over 1,000ft into the sky and it is from the top of this incredible hotel that you can settle in for an exceptional afternoon tea, with views to match. From here you’ll get some of the best views of Palm Jumeirah and the natural coastline, dotted with luxurious hotels…this is definitely an experience you want your camera for to make your friends and loved ones jealous!
3) Ski on snow. In a shopping mall. In the desert!
With a climate that frequently sees the mercury racing past 100 degrees, skiing isn’t something you would expect to find yourself doing, however a trip to the Mall of the Emirates could see you doing just that.
With 22,500 square metres making the base for five ski runs including the world’s first indoor black run, it is a dream come true for skiers and boarders alike. If however you aren’t sure that skiing is for you, then you can also book yourself in for some lessons.
If all that seems too much like hard work, then you can enjoy the après ski atmosphere and views of the slopes at the St. Moritz Café or explore some of the 700 stores in this amazing mall.
4) Go to a water park 3 miles out at sea
There are many incredible feats of engineering in Dubai, but quite honestly, not much on earth comes close to the incredible Palm Jumeirah. The largest habitable man-made island on earth, it boasts luxury hotels and villas, but the real star of the show sits on the crescent.
Take the monorail to the stunning Atlantis The Palm hotel and cool down at the Aquaventure water park. Boasting loads of amazing, thrilling slides, including a unique slide within a slide that you won’t find anywhere else on earth, kids of all ages will find something here to enjoy. 
It’s easy to forget you’re the best part of 3 miles out at sea, but the views back to the shore and the imposing skyline from the top of the Zigurrat are worth the admission fee alone. Dubai is spoilt for choice with amazing water parks, but for us, this just about edges it from Wild Wadi as the best in town.
5) Go Dune Bashing just outside the city
The stunning high rise metropolis that is modern Dubai is a world away from the vast deserts that surround it, however when you head out there, you’ll be amazed at just how close they are.
Heading out in a 4x4 driven by a highly qualified driver you’ll experience a thrilling ride across the enormous sand dunes that can make even the biggest of rollercoasters seem tame in comparison.
You can enjoy your dune bashing as part of a desert safari that also includes a range of traditional Arabic experiences such as camel rides and belly dancing as well as more modern pursuits such as sand surfing. This is all rounded off with a traditional Arabian barbecue and is a must to see the natural side of Dubai.
As you can see, Dubai is an incredible city with amazing experiences at every turn. Click here, to view our fantastic range of tickets.
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Dubai , Dubai , Burj Khalifa , Aquaventure , Burj Al Arab , Atlantis the Palm , Dubai Water Parks