Changes Under Way at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens , Busch Gardens , New Attractions , Sandstorm ride
Changes Under Way at Busch Gardens
Is Busch Gardens relocating the Sandstorm attraction to make way for a possible new ride...?
We can confirm that the Sandstorm ride at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay Florida will relocate from the theme park's Timbuktu area to Morocco, to make way for a new attraction appearing in 2013!

Busch Gardens recently confirmed that the zoological park in Tampa Bay has filed for planning permission to move Timbuktu’s Sandstorm ride to make way for a new attraction, predicted to appear in the park as of 2013. Fans of Busch Gardens’ Sandstorm ride have expressed their concerns on theme park forums that the ride might be totally demolished, however once it had been confirmed that the attraction would relocate, forum users began to discuss the best location to make a new home to Sandstorm. Many thought that the ride would relocate to themed areas such as Egypt or Nairobi, however, we can confirm that Sandstorm will find its new home in Morocco, just across from Gwazi Gliders.

The big question truly is, what new attraction will those of us with our Busch Gardens tickets find in place of Sandstorm’s old Timbuktu residence next year?
Keep checking back here for more news on the developments of Timbuktu at Busch Gardens!   
Busch Gardens , Busch Gardens , New Attractions , Sandstorm ride

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