New 'Jurassic Park World - The Ride' Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood

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New 'Jurassic Park World - The Ride' Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood
Walk with dinosaurs at Universal Studios Hollywood's newest attraction
Calling all Jurassic Park fans! The updated ‘Jurassic Park World - The Ride’ is now open!

After closing the 22-year-old version of the ride back in September 2018, a new and updated version of the ‘Jurassic Park World - The Ride’ has opened to the public at Jurassic Park World at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles.


Jurassic World Park - The Ride


Based on the popular film franchise, the new attraction is said to be much more ‘immersive’ than its predecessor. The ride promises to capture the essence of the blockbuster movies, and comes to life in collaboration with the award-winning and inspired minds at Universal Creative, the Academy AwardⓇ-winning special-effects visionaries at Industrial Light & Magic, Universal Pictures, and acclaimed filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow and Frank Marshall.  

Universal Studios Hollywood previously gave little indication as to when the reconstruction would finish, having started it back in April, saying only that it would open summer 2019. Excited visitors to the park were then treated to a surprise soft opening on Friday 12th July, when the attraction officially opened to the public.

The new thrill ride features the Jurassic Park film’s stars - Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and BD Wong - who reprise their roles as Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Dr. Henry Wu. It also soars to new heights, thanks to the addition of iconic dinosaurs from the movie, including the colossal Indominus rex and the magnificent aquatic Mosasaurus.


Jurassic Park World - The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

There is also a themed all-new “Raptor Encounter” where Blue - the beloved Velociraptor - interacts with guests in face-to-face encounters. Two new dinosaurs are also making an appearance - Baby Raptor with her Raptor Handler and a life-size Triceratops who greets guests outside the “Jurassic World - The Ride” entrance. 


Jurassic Park World at Universal Studios Hollywood

An interactive “Dino Play” area is great for children of all ages too, designed to inspire as they explore and excavate giant dinosaur fossils.

As for food, there is a fantastic selection of Costa-Rican inspired eats, as well as tasty Tiki cocktails served at the Jurassic Cafe. A brand new tropical Isla Nu-bar adds to the whole experience. Complete your visit with a trip to Jurassic Outfitters, taking home a piece of the excitement in the form of souvenir collectibles, limited edition and one-of-a-kind dimensional dinosaur sculptures, and much more.



Ready to take on the ‘Jurassic Park World - The Ride’ adventure? Click here to book your tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood now.


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