Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris Set to Reopen

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Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris Set to Reopen
Buckle up, space invaders!
The iconic attraction Space Mountain: Mission 2 closed at Disneyland Paris in January this year for refurbishments ahead of the park’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

With Disneyland Paris’ 25th anniversary celebrations looming in 2017, the park has committed to ensuring all of its rides are of the highest quality, with the biggest wow factor and entertainment value ready for this monumental year in the park’s history. In line with this new commitment, Space Mountain: Mission 2 was closed on the 11th January this year for major refurbishments, 20 years after it first opened.

Now it’s due to reopen in just 10 days’ time (25 July, 2015) under the shorter and simpler name of…Space Mountain. So the Imagineers didn’t spend too long rethinking the name, but it does bring the attraction in line with its counterparts in the US and Japan, even if it’s not quite as exciting as its original French title, Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Lune!

Space Mountain

The ride has been refurbished once before, in 2005, when it was closed for a transformation which took the ride (and the guests) beyond the moon and out to the very edge of the Universe. Some futuristic new effects and a go-faster silver paint job helped to increase the thrill factor of the ride, while firing the train cars from the bottom of the tracks cannon rather than the top gave the attraction an added squeal factor. Riders are given the chance to charge past supernovas and drop through space and time as they explore the Universe to an epic soundtrack!

Speculation indicates that the new refurbishment will include work to both the interior and the exterior of the ride, although plans to add extra cars have been postponed until a later date. We can’t wait to see what the Imagineers have added to recreate the rip roaring sensation of speeding through space and time!

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